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  1. I got you on Elekid, mawile, seal and murkrow I need a huntail, sunkern, politoed, and bellossom.

  2. I just have the baby version specifics that I need to trade for dex. 🙏 I have SP and need BD versions

  3. Thanks I appreciate the offer I don’t have any in the ones you are looking for yet 😅

  4. I can help you with that. I’m looking for a bulbasaur, zorua, scizor, heracross, skrelp, or regidraco for touch trade

  5. Ok. By chance, you don't have me blocked do you? Lol, I just checked to see if you were on my block list. Or are you still on local communication, I always forget to connect a second time...

  6. Hmmm I don’t even know how to block people lol maybe if I set up the code it will work. Try 0896-0896

  7. Found my blocked list and have no one blocked so that shouldn’t be the issue

  8. LF: Touch trade Regieleki (I have regidrago, spectrier)

  9. I have regieleki and need regidraco for completion of dex. Happy to touch trade

  10. I can help with Grookey, Sobble, Lotad, Larvitar, Goomy, Solosis, Vullaby, Spritzee, Croagunk, Throh, Blue Stripe Basculin, Sableye, Lunatone, Oranguru, Galarian Ponyta, Galarian Corsola, Appletun, Female Indeedee, and Eiscue.

  11. Yes please! I’ll send you a message! 🙏

  12. Oh to spend a gay with you 🤤

  13. You are so fucking hot babes. But this red manga wall is fucking amazing 😻

  14. You’ve got yourself a deal. Get ready to bend over babe. No one beats me at smash bros

  15. I want to suck one so bad .. was it what you thought it would be or better ? Details please , feel free to DM. I want to start sucking when it’s soft and feel it get hard in my mouth .. I think ? I’m getting hard just thinking about it . 29 straight ( I think ) male here :)

  16. Too bad you aren’t here now 🥵👅

  17. Because you would be my play thing all day. That cock would be mine and you would be satisfied 💦😈

  18. Yeah no problem where do I show up at

  19. Any time any day 24/7 my mouth is available

  20. Hippie from Texas hitting the beach this weekend ✌️ come chill! I love unicorns 💗💗💗

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