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After DeSantis tussle, Disney World will host a major summit on gay rights

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  1. Some DMs are pretty generous about handing out magic items even at lower levels. It’s not always bad to do that, especially if the DM in question is good at balancing encounters around said magic items

  2. If you give all your bandits +1 weapons and armour, the party get kitted out quickly but they get no actual bonus other than +1 damage.

  3. I think you're right that when adults say that the parents of a female child are going to have their hands full it's gross. It's literally speculating about how sexy the child will be when they grow up. Let the kid be a kid.

  4. ... I always thought they just meant they would misbehave in an innocent child way! Is that what people meant? That's gross!

  5. By far the easiest way to "backup" configs when I'm making local changes and don't want to use a git repo or whatever, is just to make a copy and append a .bak to the end and save them as example.yaml.bak.

  6. Yeah exactly, and you can't do that if you hide file extensions.

  7. It's also not something that's applicable to most computer users

  8. If you aren't making a new autoexec.bat via creating a new text file and renaming it before loading it onto a boot disk, how are you going to play Magic Carpet?

  9. I understand what you're saying, but that makes it almost worse. Without any institutional backing, the rate for teachers is the same.

  10. Rate of abusers and rate of abuse are very different though.

  11. Uh, that's an interesting one actually. My intuition would say they probably do, but I can't back that up immediately.

  12. It's just when one is an abuser, they get more opportunities to do a lot of abuse.

  13. Yeah, I'm pretty sure the three letter agencies have access to your location data (and more!), far beyond your pokemon hunting habits. It's all about selling you stuff as efficiently as possible.

  14. When we start getting tasks like "Scan the Russian Embassy pokestop" I might think the CIA are involved!

  15. I went on a Haven holiday recently and they have basic freeview, it's painful watching "normal" tv when you're used to Netflix, iPlayer etc. The daytime tv is awful, awful stuff.

  16. Cbeebies is pretty great if you have a little one though!

  17. What word should they have used? I can't think of a way to replace/remove "cis" from their comment without changing the sentence's meaning.

  18. I prefer E/Z stereochemistry to cis/trans. It extends the principle to molecules which are more complicated.

  19. Sweet. Finally a fully supported fully integrated VTT with beyond. I am so ready to double tap the corpse that is roll20 the second I can

  20. Beyond 20 does really well at letting you use DNDBeyond in different VTTs.

  21. Because dividend tax rates are different to regular income tax, but they’re still earned income.

  22. Dividend taxes happen after you've already paid corporation tax, while income tax comes out from salary paid before the corporation tax. That accounts for the difference to make them pretty close in terms of tax paid on getting money to you out of a company.

  23. On review I might have replied to your comment instead of a different one by mistake!

  24. Interesting to learn all the possible words are stored in the front end code!

  25. The entire game was entirely in the front end to start with. Had no back end at all!

  26. I was expecting that it would check answers on the back end so nobody could cheat but I guess it's not exactly important for a simple game to be secure like that!

  27. It was designed for the developer and his girlfriend to play, so no need for any of that. And the complete lack of backend combined with cache meant it could scale to millions of daily users pretty easily.

  28. If they are on the road they are congestion. The whole “you arent in traffic you are traffic” thing. Which is why they are saying yes you will pay.

  29. You aren't congestion if the bit of road you used had no traffic though. If a road has no traffic, it's not congested.

  30. I live on mill road and there is traffic going in all directions at morning and afternoon rush hour. And all of them are polluting the air.

  31. Right, mill road is far enough in I think it should be part of the congestion zone. I live much further out where there is literally no traffic heading out of Cambridge in the morning.

  32. Shillelagh is significantly worst than Hex Warrior: It takes up a cantrip slot, only does up to a d8 in damage (and if you do a d8 you can't use a shield with it), it takes a Bonus Action to activate and the class that primarily gets it doesn't get extra attack.

  33. You can't cast shillelagh with a shield though, since you need to hold the staff/club in the other hand and have a material in hand to cast the spell.

  34. Each fighting style should come with a maneuver. (By "maneuver", I don't necessarily mean a battlemaster maneuver using superiority dice; I just mean, something new that you can do with an action, bonus action, or reaction.)

  35. Yeah, the Protection fighting style ability is good. It's just that it should be rolled in with the Defensive style.

  36. True, but it might get overlooked, or you could add some silicate coating to your bomb to darken it.

  37. That just seems like a bad idea. Like...numerous experts have pointed out that a security checkpoint is a target itself. Wouldn't a suicide bomber be perfectly happy to detonate their bomb laptop to "prove it's not a bomb"? The whole security theater thing drives me crazy.

  38. I mean the security checkpoint is a massive vulnerability. I assumed they were protecting the planes at the cost of everyone queuing up for security. Stop people being able to hijack planes in exchange for a big queue in a room as a soft target.

  39. My DM didn't realize this for many years. Last session he just decided to homebrew that you still get disadvantage to shoot someone next to you, but not if your target is far away.

  40. Then you remove the tactical element of charging at enemy archers!

  41. I've never heard of a PFI contract for ongoing work rather than financing a building to be built.

  42. PFI normally covered continued maintenance, cleaning of the building. But since it bundles that with the construction it makes the construction look cheap.

  43. Question, how can Charisma be force of will, while also have Wisdom be willpower? Seems redundant

  44. Willpower is, how long can you avoid drinking a glass of water when you are thirsty.

  45. Zerg could have lots of Morph mechanics?

  46. Given that Boris had spent half of Teresa Mays leadership revolting against her I think it's a bit rich to remove the while from those that didn't follow the whip when he's prime minister

  47. I really wish Rory Stewart was still with the Tories. I'm left wing and disagree with him on most things, but I long for when the right wing party was respectable and didn't try to push culture wars and hatred.

  48. I might disagree with the detail of Rory Stewards policies, but I'd be happy with him in charge. I believe he'd be doing his best to help everyone.

  49. not that hard, bless, guidance, bardic inspiration and/or the help action can make it much easier

  50. Bless doesn't actually help with ability checks!

  51. You do have to make the tricky DC spellcasting check, but assuming fortune favours you sure!

  52. I was just about to answer that my experience has been different so far: the packs I open tend to have common cards that I recycle. Then I checked my collection an found out I have all commons. Thus why I get cards I recycle. I didn't realize it till now! Now time to work on those rares, epics and mythics!

  53. Yeah, the anti-dupe protection is amazing. It means that only having 1 pack type for sale isn't a problem like it would be in Hearthstone.

  54. I would like more spells to interact with the new Exhaustion mechanic.

  55. Yes, but consider the design paradigm of the spell. It's a 5th level Paladin only spell, which means most Paladins won't get access to it until level 17! So the damage and utility of the spell is entirely designed for Tier IV play. By the time most Paladins can use it, it doesn't really even do that much damage to the high level monsters they would be fighting. But a level 10 Bard with a 30 ft radius AOE that deals 10d6 damage of split type at the cost of one 5th level spell slot that can't even technically be upcast? That's one hell of a power chord.

  56. It's definitely good for Bards, but so is guardian of nature, swift quiver, tensor's transformation etc.

  57. I mean sure they are powerful, but that's the point of the bard ability, no?

  58. "Bold words for a man in jizzy-wizzy space." hits different.

  59. They weren't insulting you then, they were doing full on character assessment.

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