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  1. Yep! Not only is it standard, but it ~should~ be expected. Company policy, in order to recieve your discount, you either need to present a partner card (via mobile app or physical card, they will send you one for free if you request it!) Or verbally confirm numbers and have another form of identification. The only time its deemed okay to not request some type of identification is if you recognize the partner (like peeps at your store or neighboring stores you know). I've never seen it happen but ~technically~ not validating someone's partner numbers could be grounds for termination. Get yo self a partner card!

  2. Probably not the best idea because there could be instance like people wanting stars etc etc, but when I really am fed up I just tell them I can split it up front and I’ll just have them pay individually but all on the same order.

  3. I totally understand this but I’m either gonna be really fast on bar and be messy or really slow and clean clean I just can’t find an in between but I’m a closer and I clean it all in the end anyways so it’s not a huge deal for my store

  4. Well the manager is in charge. And if the times are slow it makes sense to move people right? Just because everyone says they are fine doesn’t mean everything is.

  5. It’s a lot more complex then that.. it’s more or less her moving around people to place her in a spot that’s convenient for her. Example, they don’t like to Bar so they’ll constantly move themselves to DTO or Warming to make it easier on her which isn’t fair for my fellow baristas. I wouldn’t mind the simple changes to help speed up things as long as she ran it by me first.. which she fails to do. And yes the SM is in charge of the store but when I’m playcaller I am in charge of the floor so when she moves things around it makes me feel like what the heck am I supposed to do. It’s complicated but that’s the jist of it lol

  6. Don’t worry fam I will ALWAYS press that partner bev for you 🖤

  7. you’re allowed to request weeks off before needing an LOA. Lmao as long as its far enough in advance. Your manager is crazy dawg. I’ve requested off 2.5 weeks for a vacation before and been approved and every time i vacation i usually take 2-3 weeks off. That’s insane!!!

  8. I’m so glad y’all are also agreeing that it’s crazy with me. I plan on speaking to her about it tomorrow

  9. Is this something your SM is making you do? There’s no reason you should be going on an LOA to be off for 4 days even a full week. Especially if you have vacation time

  10. YES she kept insisting that every time I have to file an LOA and it’s so confusing cause it just makes 0 sense to me

  11. HHAHAHA IM SCREAMMINNNG THIS IS SO FUNNY 😭😭 ok Love ;) you got it👍👍 xoxoxo

  12. LMAOOOOO CREDIT CARD FRAUD…. I AM DYING 😭😭 you just inspired me to press No tip extra hard for my shift today!!! Thanks love xoxoxo!!!!

  13. We got about 900 cups and ran out at noon 🥲

  14. nah this is definitely from a toddler who got ahold of their parents phone

  15. Update: We never made the drink cause we knew right away it’s bs. I just came back to work and got an update on this mess lol turns out moms kid got into her phone and went haywire… was hoping it was real lol

  16. Sounds like you should maybe find another job friend

  17. Idk what I was expecting with flavor but it wasn’t that. It taste like nothing honestly. I just get hints of yeasty bread

  18. Just wondering how is 12 hours the minimum? There are Partners at my store that get 4 hours a week max regularly

  19. 12 hours is more like the expectation. It’s “required” but it pretty much all comes down to your SM in the end for the most part.

  20. I believe it means that you were scheduled outside your availability three times! It’s a warning for your manager, not you

  21. Ah thanks! I was wondering for the longest time like “WHY AM I GETTING A WARNING??” Lmao…

  22. "Hey, I appreciate the reminder but it would be great if you could leave the direction and reminders up to our shifts! We're a team and everyone has specific roles to play. We have awesome shifts who don't need barista help to keep things running smoothly!"

  23. Just saved this to my notes for this one VERY SPECIFIC individual 🫡🫡

  24. If all fails, you can always just order the caramel apple cider with a shot of blonde espresso. One for a tall and 2 for a grande or venti depending on how much caffeine you want.

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