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  1. This douche was feeling like he is in a Bittersweet Symphony music video, until reality collided with him. Reality is wearing a hoodie in some scenarios

  2. At first I thought that was a regular vacant lot with trash, which they cleaned up to set up relief tents after the hurricane...

  3. First COVID, now war in Ukraine, then these guys mess with the 2.500+ year old sealed coffin... This will surely work out well

  4. Considering his only son was assassinated at the age of 14, it’s unlikely Alexander the Great is Logan Paul’s ancestor. Hopefully that makes you feel better?

  5. No, but Logan fucking Paul being the first timetraveller would bum me out even more

  6. In the middle of Tower of the Swallow, just finished the boring-ass useless inconsequential chapter about the history of Kovir, Esterad Thyssen and his goddamn wife. And I absolutely see what you mean, very poorly paced with unnecessary constant switching of narrators and perspectives.

  7. I was about to say that some of the boys on the video might accidentally shoot their dicks off before getting to know what they are for... but who am I kidding, I bet half of them are fathers already.

  8. I agree, petting dogs in Red Dead Redemption was cute, but not really anything impressive.

  9. This is an impressive talent, but this man must be on the sex offender register somewhere

  10. Just finished episode 2 and wondering whether I should carry on. I don't really like Ryan Murphy'a style of storytelling, it's a bit on the nose and heavy-handed.

  11. Males on this sub fetishising Tommy Shelby (tattoos with his face, posting pics with 'deep quotes', etc.)... This is becoming kinda gay.

  12. I hope Russia is torn apart. But then Putin will be a bitch and fire nukes because he doesn’t like that he’s losing. And then Stalker 2 will never be released!!!! Literally the worst news ever.

  13. Well, in that scenario a large part of the world may turn into stalker 2, so chin up man!

  14. There is a down side to this methodology. I do not have the Alloy statue from the first Horizon collectors edition, nor the Kratos statue from the ps4 God of war game. You effectively give up that first collectors item if the game turns out to be amazing.

  15. You can buy it used. I got my Ghost of Tsushima collector's edition used from Amazon well after the release, a bit lower than the original retail price. All packaged very well and in good condition.

  16. I kinda felt this way about Punisher season 1. Seemed like a rethread of DD season 2, with the whole looking for my family's killers / military conspiracy plotline. At least Russo brought some life into it, but overall it seemed like the series really kicked in the last two episodes.

  17. The obvious starting point is the books. However, I think the main attraction point for the fanbase must be the games, Witcher 3 in particular.

  18. I started working in a Big4 audit firm. The starting salary was not great, and the work hours were quite brutal.

  19. OP sounds like he has a lifespan of a mayfly

  20. Plot twist: OP is an IRS agent, here to bait all the smartass commenters to reveal their tax avoidance schemes.

  21. I hope Russian state propaganda doesn't get a hold of these images... 'SEE!? WE TOLD YOU THEY ARE ALL NAZIS!'

  22. Quoting Chuck Polahniuk, “Everyone thinks their whole life should be at least as much fun as masturbation.”

  23. He hasn’t slept in peace for years, and his love for Christine is boiling over.

  24. Jacob is hardcore fightclubbing it at nights

  25. i saw someone edited the Thor Ragnarock scene and replaced Led Zeppelin with that "Thunder" song. I think it's Imagine Dragons. Irt was something.

  26. Sheesh, they could have at least used Thunder by AC\DC

  27. That's a great Alien game. AFE is a great AlienS game. They are both great yet different, just like the movies.

  28. I disrespect op for not having the balls to just do what he wants and thinking he (or she, I'm not sexist) needs to ask permission

  29. OP just feels guilty about spending the money, and deep down wants reddit to dissuade him from buying it.

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