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  1. More like a war torn Danny Trejo, mind you.

  2. Sliders please! I love this so much!!!!

  3. I think I remember seeing someone say somewhere if u want to play like the classic zoomed in version but with better graphics to just lower your resolution for the game

  4. I actually did that abs it does help, but I need the large TEXT option to work lol.

  5. I was just looking at a Dreamcast on eBay with a gdemu installed so you can play games from a SD Card

  6. I never had one, the only hand I know if that sounded worth it was Shenmue

  7. (Best DC game is skies of Arcadia imo) But yeah I can relate to wanting to play games from that era. hell, most of the stuff I play on switch is just new entries in established franchises. I fired up super Mario 64 the other day. Are you going to/have you quit modern gaming completely?

  8. Literally the only games I have any excitement for are Diablo 2 and 4. I’m a ps4 guy, well, been a ps guy since the 90s, and even the great games on there have nothing for me now. I’m not saying never, something someday may come up, but now I just don’t have any stake i. It.

  9. Bookmarked this to read through the comments! I need help getting that drive to write, I feel so down anymore trying.

  10. that fucking Bazel? HES HERE NOW?!? Fuck my life.

  11. You have drive and enthusiasm, that's already a fantastic beginning. You've said that you've role played before, another awesome tool and bit of experience to have.

  12. Yes and what? Just press and sure to win without a chance to fail is it?

  13. To learn strategy on how to hit the part I want without feeling the extra effort or risk even if there is one so if hitting the hand is easy I want to know how I can transfer my knowledge of hitting that to every single part.

  14. So....why don’t you accept all the answers given?

  15. It’s Magnamalo, not Magnamellow, that monster gives no shits. XD

  16. It’s in the gathering hub next to Minoto, quest board. :)

  17. I consider myself more of a geek but I don’t see what makes you think that. What does this post have to do with nerds in particular now?

  18. I showed a picture of the lance to my non playing friend with the caption “Behold, my poking stick!”. His reply? “Looks like a poker the Grinch would use.” Lol. The lance is kind of too long I feel, I like how slim it is but it just towers over my fem.

  19. I don’t think that’s what he was saying it looks like he was just saying it looked dumb

  20. Nope, it looks bad to me yes but the point of my post was to say that the problem exists with all genders.

  21. Yeah, I'm probably just gonna stop replying to comments on this post. I shouldn't have humored them to begin with, given that they went for the ad hominem attacks pretty early on.

  22. It was a good post, sorry to see it turn into such a nerd rage filled mess. :(

  23. Account items don't go into your inventory. They're converted into Kamura points as soon as you pick them up.

  24. Ah, they clears it up! Thank you very much!

  25. Even as a person that finds long sword fun.....despite the feeling that the one air slice move (name escapes me) has too narrow of a hit box, I recommend swag axe.

  26. I don’t mind it personally

  27. In the hunters notes you can look at a description of the silk binds for every weapon. Does a pretty good job of explaining what it does.

  28. I actually didn’t know that, thank you!

  29. Press ZL and B while tethered to close distance. It's basically just for utility.

  30. Oh I never thought to press it again, thank you for the info!

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