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That’s one gangsta fetus.

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  1. It was a joke. Learn some reading comprehension

  2. Please explain to us how exactly that "joke" was funny. You're supposedly very smart, so it shouldn't be too difficult for you to explain what part of that was funny. We'll wait.

  3. Someone CAN be good at sports and a particular subject, no doubt. The BEST teacher will be one that specializes in that subject and isn’t expected to divide their focus on many things at once. If you’re arguing that the way we’ve been doing things is perfectly fine, where we let coaches teach the deeper subjects all over the nation in large numbers, I’d suggest you take a look at our failing education system and rethink that idea.

  4. We're not letting the coaches teach subjects, we're letting the teachers coach sports. Are some school districts lowering their requirements for teachers? Absolutely. But very few coaches in schools aren't also certified teachers with bachelor's or master's degrees. Coaching isn't so difficult that it distracts from their teaching abilities.

  5. Athletics is BIG business in the United States, we definitely don’t for the most part just shove any teacher into a coaching role. They’re recruited as coaches and then shoved into teaching jobs to fill empty space, but coaches don’t all spend the day doing nothing waiting for the end of the day to coach, they still coach and work on their athletic programs during the day. Also only 8% of coaches have a masters. 70% have a bachelors. The rest have highschool or GED equivalents.

  6. For bigger schools, sure. But a lot of schools can't afford to pay their coaches and many of them do it as a volunteer position. I'd like to see where you got that only 70% of teachers have a degree, because I don't know a single teacher that doesn't.

  7. Isn't one girl from how I met your mother called Robin? That's probably where this mother gets her idea of the real world from...

  8. This! I thought it was common to have your wedding recorded? Can you imagine having your wedding video and you can't hear the beautiful vows your spouse made because all you can hear is the baby crying.... It would annoy the hell out of me.

  9. Having your wedding recorded really didn't become a normal thing until about 15-20 years ago.

  10. I'm not saying people didn't do it, but it wasn't as popular as it is now.

  11. I hate this so much. I’m nearly deaf without my hearing aids, and it was only a few weeks ago that I could afford really good hearing aids. Before that, my hearing aids would pick up your whispers and laughs and everything else. I use a caption screen in the theaters, but I’m not paying $15 to listen to someone else’s date.

  12. They have kids. Luckily they don't bring them to the theater with them, because I imagine they would let them do whatever they wanted.

  13. The early humans with absolutely piss poor mother/infant mortality rate? Good argument. You should avoid high impact stuff this late in the pregnancy, she is probably fine, but why risk it for a Tik Tok video?

  14. The high mortality rate was usually because of how dangerous birth can be. The high infant mortality rate was usually due to illness. It was not because pregnant women remained as active as they were when they were not pregnant.

  15. Yeah, jumping up and down exaggerating the movements with her belly. This is as high impact as jogging. You should avoid doing this in the 3rd T. Dancing is fine with the normal lateral movements like most other dances, even twerking is low impact on the stomach.

  16. Jogging is not a high impact exercise and is safe for most pregnant women, even in the third trimester.

  17. Sadly. It might licensing rules. Licensing in my state says “all children shall be given the opportunity to nap or rest without distraction or disturbance from other activities at the center”.

  18. Most licensing rules say you have to give kids an opportunity to nap without distractions from activities, but that doesn't mean they can't be given a quiet activity when they don't nap. Without it, they become the disturbance to the other children who actually are trying to sleep. There should always be an alternative available to children who don't need naps anymore.

  19. Just to put it out there as it may not be common knowledge. When cooking in enameled cast iron, the rule is to always make sure you are never cooking "dry". Basically enameled cast iron is for cooking things in a sauce, or things like stews and etc. You should never be cooking like meat directly on it, or pan frying or anything like that.

  20. I've seen enameled cast iron (Le Creuset) be used for baking things like sourdough before. No oil, just parchment and dough.

  21. I don't know where you heard that, but it is absolutely not true. You can cook anything in enameled cast iron that you can cook in traditional cast iron.

  22. I'm torn between "Get it INTO me" and the fact that I could not handle the extra pain and stress

  23. Unless you want to get pregnant and carry your own child, you don't want it. Menstrual products are expensive and periods can be debilitating, but we're supposed to just deal with them because bad periods are "normal". If a uterus transplant was a thing then I'd totally let you have mine, but it comes with issues that you don't want lol

  24. Uterus transplants are a thing, but they are still very new, and I think are mostly limited to family members. I believe the first child born from a mother-daughter uterus transplant was in 2014.

  25. Interesting! Do those pregnancies have to be delivered via C-section or can they be delivered vaginally?

  26. She's gorgeous!! What is her breed? She looks like maybe a Siberian or a ragdoll.

  27. She's lovely! I didn't think she looked quite big enough to be a raggie, but ours is huge so it's hard to tell sometimes lol

  28. But that's not what's best for the child. They can't afford another type of child care, so if the wife's parents can only do it one day a week, the other mother isn't doing it for the kid. This 100% is not in the child's best interest.

  29. No one is entitled to free childcare. If they can't afford it, then they need to find a work schedule so someone is always home with the baby. Since the mom is only working part time, she could probably find a part time job in the evenings and work after the dad is already home.

  30. Your siblings had their oldest nearly a decade ago. 9 years can have a dramatic effect on an aging body. She is blatantly telling you she can’t handle it.

  31. Shit, I'm only 34 and even my body has aged enough in the last nine years that I wouldn't want to watch someone's baby for free several days a week. I can't even imagine wanting to do that 30 years from now, grandchild or not.

  32. Many custody agreements do not allow travel between provinces or states without permission from both parents. Largely because any legal process when you are dealing with multiple jurisdictions is immediately more complicated.

  33. Their custody agreement says that he doesn't need her permission to take them out of state.

  34. Vets are usually in towns, big or small. How far out are you from a small community?

  35. Exotic vets are not in most towns. You can't just take a sick axolotl to a regular vet and expect them to be able to treat it. That's like going to a podiatrist for an ear infection. Doctors have specialties for a reason.

  36. I wonder how much of this is correlation rather than causation. Autoimmune diseases have always been more prevalent in women than in men, regardless of bc. Autoimmune diseases can also have a genetic component or be started by some kind of other external source like a serious illness.

  37. Digital penetration is not a way to diagnose endo, pain can be from many things such as muscle tightness. If you’re not having symptoms of endo, I wouldn’t resort to surgery right away if birth control might help you. Continuous birth control leaves me with no pain, and I had pain all month long. Birth control does not stop the growth of endometriosis whatsoever.

  38. I would also like to see a source that says bc increases the risk for diseases. I've heard of several different things that can increase the risk of developing autoimmune issues, but bc is not one of them.

  39. When you really put your mind into it you’ll be able to do it. It was very hard in the beginning but I was able to learn it in two months so I know you will as well good luck 🥰

  40. I started learning and was kind of getting the hang of it, and then my meds stopped working and so did my hands lol. Hopefully I'll be able to try again!

  41. I wish I could crochet, but it doesn't work well with my arthritis ☹️ As soon as I can get my hands to cooperate, it will be the first new thing I do!!

  42. Have you seen when cats' hind legs kick them in the face repeatedly? You never know, they might just try and walk away too.. 😂

  43. Hahaha yes I have, one of my cats has that problem pretty often! He never knows what to do when his feet attack him, bless his little heart 😂

  44. Hahaha I also have one, he gets angry and offended, subsequently the feet just kick harder.. and this is a good chunk of the reason we keep the little buggers around.. comedic gold!

  45. I forgot they turned that movie into a series. But this was also a story line on Friends, except that Phoebe just started collecting her sister's paychecks instead of turning her in.

  46. It sounds so dumb but I have always wanted one of those! I must have my ice! 👍🥰

  47. I live in Texas right now, and I'm pretty sure I wouldn't survive without my ice lol

  48. Thank you! That was my exact idea! I wanted to bring forest fairy vibes to my wedding.

  49. They are a huge risk to the school. And I am resigning because the principal took them back. I am afraid they might make up a story about me also and I will end up in a very bad situation like the other teaching assistant.

  50. I would make sure to let them know exactly why you are resigning. Put it in an email so there's a paper trail, just in case.

  51. No union for preschool normally. At least not at my state. Or if there are no ones joined them yet.

  52. If they teach preschool for the public school district they could probably join a teacher's union, but I've never heard of a union for a private preschool.

  53. I know! I don’t wear a mask outside and they seem more interested and want to make faces when I’m not wearing a mask, which makes sense. I also think it’s worth trying to convince admin to let me try a face shield

  54. It wouldn't hurt to ask about face shields! Being able to see the face of their caregivers is best for their social/emotional development.

  55. Right?? I have no problem wearing a mask, but I really feel like my babies are missing out when I sing and read stories. It definitely is best for their development if they can see everything

  56. Absolutely! I'd make sure to make that point when asking your director about using a face mask. I'd even go as far to find some research about it if they tell you no lol

  57. Yep, my grandmother was born in the late 1930s and she had her preschool teacher tie her left hand to her back so she would write with her right hand.

  58. When my niece started showing a preference for her left hand, my step-grandma told my sister to make her switch to her right hand. She tried to say that being right handed would make her life easier, but my sister shut that shit down.

  59. So women who have kids and pets are just what then? 😂

  60. And what about little girls who like to take care of pets? I've had at least one cat since I was really young, but I'm pretty sure I wasn't overcompensating for not having kids when I was five.

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