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  1. Thinking back to my assessment where the assessor told me I couldn’t be autistic because I’m pretty.

  2. I’m not certain but I’m pretty sure psychiatric nurses do not have the training/education to provide diagnoses?

  3. Hmm, i don't know too much about this tbh. But she did say "she finds it hard to believe that I wasn't in SPED/diagnosed as a child." She thinks it's depression/anxiety.

  4. My doctor told me. I actually didn't suspect autism at all.

  5. can I ask how old you were when you were diagnosed? also would you mind telling me what made your doctor suspect you were autistic?

  6. 24 years old. Apparently it's clear from the way I behaved. I'm not sure what caused them to suspect it, but part of it was they noticed I have sensory difference

  7. It's difficult for us to say, but it's good that he's getting an assessment.

  8. The last I heard from my grandpa was him asking us to pull the plug

  9. I would probably just end my life right there. Too much work to live.

  10. Instead of disclosing you are autistic, I would actually suggest that you say that you are familiar with the population or have experience with that population. You can disclose after you get hired for accommodations.

  11. I'm not a parent, but autistic. I would love it if people are more understanding and open minded about certain behaviors. For example, I feel like I shouldn't HAVE to disclose my diagnosis for me to feel comfortable acting like myself.

  12. I agree with you, but I haven't really seen a lot of people describe it as a quirky mindset.

  13. I haven't seen those exact words, I just meant the general treatment of autism as a "unique perspective" instead of a disability. Every disability brings a unique perspective, and I don't understand why autism is considered special in this regard.

  14. Yeah, stimulants can sometimes make anxiety worse (not sure how it's affected by anxiety meds though). Maybe you can try a non-stimulant option instead?

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