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  1. Fucking hell 2k kills bruh... I have the same amount of hours and only 3 pmc kills in total across 3 wipes, all three of them are proudly displayed on my digital picture frame as gifs on repeat. I stopped playing because i couldn't kill anyone :(

  2. If you need someone to play with and teach you a bit, I’m not the best but my buddies run raids every night! DM me dude!

  3. Try process lasso to set process priority to normal instead of the automatic high. There's a reason you don't do high priority for uncapped games, but BSG did it anyway so I think it's what causes your problem

  4. Yeah. Pre-lex I had no problems, but post lex it takes me a while to finish or I just can’t.

  5. It’s mostly I feel bad for my partner, they finish in like 20 seconds it’s super easy but they have to work so hard to make me finish me. I’ve been trying to work it tf out but nothing works 😭

  6. Yeah that’d be quite the cool side effect lmaooo

  7. i was wearing only a paca that was already low lmao just havent seen someone tank like 3743 shots and not die, also peep the nade killing his teammate lmfao

  8. I haven’t been able to nap literally since I was like 9? I’m 22. It’s fucking insane to me how people just knock out

  9. You get this on every map with a Scav Co-op extract and it works the same way as car extracts (diminishing returns with each use)

  10. Pic 1: Hoomin saved me. I won't forget this. I will be the most obedient cat. Pic 2: Actually, I AM the ruler of all hoominity.

  11. Heck no. Adorable cat! I just want you to also share it on these threads. It deserves to be seen!

  12. From statements I’ve seen: most, if not all, analysis regarding supporting Ukraine is tied to supporting US imperial endeavors via expansion of NATO. Since the US backed coup in 2014 there have been rising tensions in the region, Ukraine has acted as a proxy for the imperialistic desires of Russia and the US. Ukrainian people, Russian people will feel the brunt of this clash of empires while the US and it’s citizens are largely unscathed. The people, the working classes who will be the bulk of those in direct combat or impacted as civilians, deserve support - but that has to extend to Russians, as well.

  13. How would someone like me, a 22 year old kid have any impact on the situation then?

  14. You can reload your mags while searching a body/container.

  15. The real question is how the fuck did anybody see your group running to that extract to be able to nade you guys from the dome GL?

  16. we have no fucking idea we were thinking night vision or a spotter but whoever it was is a demon

  17. *edit we were trying to extract with some pmc's and someone hopped on the grenade launcher and turned it south quickly and half of us died lmao

  18. So you just want to hear from someone who can relate without any wisdom given?

  19. yeah I suppose so? I don’t know. I don’t feel comfortable enough to even share this with my therapist because I think she’ll put me in a psych ward. I jusr wanted a space where people would listen to me without judging for once you know? People are so fucking jumpy about this shit but I’ve never been. It’s been normal mu whole life. I’ve always thought about what “life” would be like without me, or if I wasn’t ever conceived or something.

  20. I think you should share this with shrink. That's what you pay them for, and if their reaction is not up to par, then find another. Either way, you aren't trying to plunge yourself into the ether, you are just spot on in my opinion. Life Is boring and we do just work until we die.

  21. I’ve specifically not disclosed this to my therapist because I don’t think it will go any where. I’ve heard the usual shit of life has meaning and this and that, I don’t need that. I’ve heard it. It resonates within me to near nothing

  22. Veeam bare metal restore. It’s a free tool as part of a standalone backup system. You will need another drive to backup current 256 drive then restore that backup to new 1tb drive.

  23. I’m going to attempt clonezilla for now, thank you!!

  24. If it's SSD to SSD then just copying the drive contents to the new one should be quite fast. If it's hdd to ssd you're trying to transfer files to you'll be limited by the speed the hard drive reads and writes at

  25. It is SSD - SSD so can I just hook up both and transfer files? Or will connecting a second SSD fuck that up?

  26. This is exactly my fucking experience. It’s living fucking hell

  27. Can you link a GoFundMe? Maybe people can help you with costs. I will donate as soon as possible

  28. I am so grateful and thankful for your comment and kind thoughts but it is okay really. I will find some way to go to doctor and buy some medications. May God bless you for your goodness.

  29. Your post has me genuinely worried about your safety, if it’s this serious I will help in any way I can. Feel free to DM and talk, or anything else. This community is meant to help and there is nothing wrong with asking for just that. You are loved, you are valid and you deserve a restful life. Please reach out if need be.

  30. currently on Klonopin (.5mg x3 a day) and Lexapro (20mg x 1 a day) I had insomnia for 15 years, and occasionally I’ll have a couple drinks to aid my sleep but the combo seems to work. It can develop a reliance, chemically, but you need sleep. I would talk to a doctor and see what they have to offer. Trazadone worked for a while for me. Eventually mu body rejected it

  31. Talk to your doctor about Trazodone, or Zyprexa. I was manic/insomniac for years and I have, for the last week or so been enjoying 4-5 hours of restful sleep at night. good luck to you, feel free to PM if questions come up

  32. is manic insomniac the actual diagnosis? If yes, how did they decide that's what it was?

  33. So I’ve been diagnosed w/ Bipolar 1, which includes hypomanic episodes. Within those episodes I don’t sleep, feel like I don’t need to sleep and my energy level goes absolutely fucking bonkers. This was after me being in outpatient and monitored by multiple psychiatrists and therapists. I’m now on said meds and feel somewhat normal again. I encourage you to stick it out until you can be evaluated.

  34. I’ve come to terms with the fact thay for me it isn’t a “lifestyle change”, it’s just how my brain is wired. So thay being said: sedatives. I’m currently taking multiple doses of trazodone which isn’t a sedative but it shuts your body down and I just force myself to pass out. Takes hours

  35. Ended up being a bacterial infection that cleared up after using a cream and keeping very dry and clean. Just took multiple showers a day and it hasn’t come up again

  36. I take Seroquel and.5 Ativan. It's better than struggling to sleep all night. Also magnesium tablets, Valerian Root, sleep teas, white noise, podcasts

  37. How long have these worked for you? Any side effects?

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