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  1. Seriously, it’s impossible to express any amount of enjoyment for this era without being bombarded by people listing all their criticisms of it unasked for and unprompted, telling you you’re wrong to enjoy it, and sometimes taking personal offense to your enjoyment.

  2. What is the benefit of the shorts vs. just wearing period panties with regular shorts?

  3. I can’t speak for everyone, but I bought my period running shorts (and also the period underwear I own) as a back-up for my menstrual cup, because there are just some days that my cup overflows after just a few hours. Meanwhile, most of my shorts have a liner in them, which makes wearing underwear underneath uncomfortable sometimes and also feels a little redundant. Also in the summer I’d rather wear as few layers as possible, and honestly they were cheaper than a lot of non-period shorts out there and I wanted to try them out.

  4. I just recently bought Modibodi period underwear and running shorts, but I haven’t actually run in the shorts yet. Their underwear is nice but the tags are super scratchy fyi so be ready to cut them out if you’re thinking about buying underwear from them. The shorts just seem to have the care instructions printed on so at least I won’t have a scratchy tag, but sorry no actual review of the running shorts yet.

  5. I guess it's very illustrative that only one person in this thread remembered The Legend of the Sea Devils and that 13 mentioned their wife in that episode.

  6. I think it’s more illustrative of this subreddit’s population, which seems to mostly consist of people who aren’t big fans of the current era and therefore don’t have encyclopedic knowledge of its contents, aren’t re-watching it, and don’t necessarily care to answer questions about the details as it’s not their favorite era.

  7. Many other people have pointed out both that the modern Doctor Who show runners tend to not reference the series/era directly preceding theirs, so it’s not just a Chibnall thing, but also pointed out some of the references to the Capaldi era that do exist in the Chibnall/Whittaker era.

  8. Ncuti Gatwa, best know for his role as Eric Effiong in the Netflix series Sex Education

  9. Running alone on a secluded trail that I hadn’t run before, while it was snowing, never saw another soul on the trail, and I ran into cougar prints in the snow, as fresh as the footprints I was making. Walked backwards the way I came for a while, couldn’t stop looking over my shoulder for the rest. Never saw the cougar thankfully, because when I got back to the parking lot I was the only one parked at this forest.

  10. Wait, did you bind off stitches in the middle of a row already? And then work 4 rows on one side only with some stitches on hold?

  11. Yes. Is that not what that step 7 was asking me to do in Row 163 and beyond?

  12. It is, but I started overthinking like, "why is OP having trouble with a bind off in step 8 if they've already successfully bound off?" 😅😅

  13. Yeah, that’s fair, it’s because when I bound off a few stitches in the middle of the pattern I could just keep going from where I was, but then once I bound off the rest I couldn’t just continue with the stitches I put on hold in the same way, and the lack of any instruction on how to go from bind off on one side to continuing to knit on the other side confused me.

  14. Given how the last two years have gone, I don’t trust any company to be long lasting. If they hadn’t stayed ahead of the problem as well as they did, Big Finish could have gone under. And then where would my digital copies have left me? I try to get physical media when I can.

  15. What do you mean “how the last two years have gone”? It seems you’re referencing some problem I’m unaware of, that would have made people’s digital copies inaccessible to them? Is something like that likely to happen again?

  16. I prefer download, but mainly because I’m an overseas customer and shipping is cruel. If I purchased the hard copies I probably wouldn’t use them, just keep for collection and display only.

  17. Ah, I’m overseas as well, I hadn’t thought about shipping 😫 digital seems like the way to go for me, thanks for the input.

  18. I’m not even sure where to begin as it seems like you're projecting a lot of your personal thoughts and experiences as universal, or conflating things that are obviously caused by misogyny as if it's as simple as how you're conveying it.

  19. You’re completely missing my point, I never said all movies were designed for male audiences (though the majority of mainstream films certainly are) and I’m not sure in what “way” you mean that “society, as a whole, views this subject” because you didn’t clarify, and you keep ignoring everything I say about misogyny and the fetishization of lesbian relationships. I never said that lesbian relationships were “just as abhorred as gay relationships”, I said that gay men and women face homophobia in very different ways, and it’s not always easy or helpful to compare those experiences one-to-one. Outright violence and hatred isn’t the only way homophobia manifests in society.

  20. I absolutely love The Decoy Bride. I wouldn’t say it’s terrible, but definitely not a “good” movie.

  21. I know a lot of people use the “Mia High Neck”compressive sports bra from Girlfriend Collective as a binder substitute, I have seen quite a few people on TikTok show the difference in how their chests look in a regular bra, the Mia bra, and their binders, and it seems to give lots of people as flat or almost as flat look as a binder, it seems to work especially well for people who don’t have a huge difference between their band and bust measurements, which seems to include you going by the size you’ve given. You and I are very different sizes, but I can vouch even as someone who has a bigger difference between my band and bust (28F UK sizing), and bought the Mia bra to use as a sports bra, it really compresses and flattens my chest quite a bit.

  22. The Doctor has lived so long, why can’t we believe them to be in love multiple times?

  23. Seriously, you are right. The Doctor isn't blind, she knows how Yaz feels. If she felt the same way, they'd be instantly together because the Doctor goes after what the Doctor wants. The Doctor don't want Yaz.

  24. Except this particular iteration of the Doctor is probably the most emotionally repressed of the revival Doctors, she’s rarely honest with her emotions, in series 12 and Flux when anything besides blustering excitement comes out it’s almost always anger or frustration. The few times that wasn’t the case in Flux was when she was starting to open up to Yaz, telling her she missed her in the hologram and again when they reunited, and resolving to actually open up to her at the end of The Vanquishers.

  25. I think you're forgetting the Christmas special with River, where the Doctor spends 28 years with her.

  26. “The Husbands of River Song” is the name of that Christmas special, I did mention it, he knows that’s the last time he’ll see her, that 28 year “night” on Darillium, and it’s the only time the Doctor truly pursues a relationship that they want, and it’s something that takes until he knows it’s their last “night” together to do, River does most of the pursuing in the relationship, but as I said with Rose and also with the rest of his relationship with River, the Doctor does not go after what the Doctor wants. There’s also the thing with Clara and 11/12, the relationship is written somewhat ambiguous (though Moffat confirmed they fancied each other), and they’re never together, aka the Doctor doesn’t always go after what they want.

  27. I have this book! But I haven't read it yet. My reading pile is like 100 books tall lol. Is it good?

  28. It’s really good, I read it for my local Ace & Aro group’s book club a couple months ago, definitely worth the read.

  29. I haven’t watched since their first season together but has there been hints and like subtext?

  30. Some people didn’t see the subtext on first watch from the start, but a lot of people did. It’s definitely there, though especially to start it’s few and kind of far between. Spoilers for series 11-13 ahead.

  31. Series 13 (AKA Flux) is where some people that still hadn’t noticed it up to this point start to see the tension between the Doctor and Yaz. It starts out with an unknown amount of time having passed with just Yaz and the Doctor traveling together, their dynamic has clearly changed and they’re very much a team, Yaz has learned to co-pilot the TARDIS, and they also freefall into the TARDIS and on to a mattress in the console room floor with handcuffs on before the opening credits of the first episode. The Doctor is still hiding things from Yaz and Yaz is trying to get her to open up. There’s quite a few tiny moments between the two this season as well as the bigger moments which I’ll mention. At the end of “Village of the Angels” the Doctor and Yaz are at the same location but in different years and there’s this time line that is impossible to cross and would seemingly kill anyone who tries. When the Doctor is in danger, Yaz lunges at the barrier to try and get to her, and has to be held back. The next episode starts with Yaz, Dan, and Jericho still stuck in the past, where three years have past, they’re traveling the world, trying to fulfill a mission given to them by the Doctor in a hologram and hopefully get back to the present. The hologram was snuck into Yaz’s pocket by the Doctor at the end of “Once, Upon Time”/the beginning of “Village of the Angels” in case they got separated again. In a private moment Yaz watches the hologram, the Doctor is unusually vulnerable & soft: “I’m probably worried for you if you’re hearing this, and I’m sure I miss you”. Yaz’s face lights up seeing the hologram and it’s clear she’s played it countless times of the years and memorized it, and is just watching it to see the Doctor. Soon after the hologram ends Dan and Jericho come into the room and Yaz is obviously upset, and they seem to know exactly why, Jericho excuses himself and Dan tries to comfort her: “We will see her again. She’ll be alright, wherever she is.” The hologram scene also parallels Bel & Vinder, two characters introduced as a couple who are separated and trying to find their way back to one another all season. Bel has a hologram of Vinder that she talks to and clearly has memorized and has watched many times, just like Yaz and the Doctor. In the finale when the Doctor and Yaz are reunited it’s super chaotic and a ton of stuff is happening but the Doctor everything for a second to hug Yaz tightly (their first on screen hug, this Doctor is very emotionally repressed), earnestly tells Yaz she missed her (barely any time seems to have passed for the Doctor, a couple days at the very most but it seems like a day or less), and is visibly devastated when she finds out it’s been years for Yaz. At the end of the episode she apologizes and resolves to open up to Yaz in a very romantically charged and shot scene, with tears in her eyes and lots of long stares: “I want to tell you everything.” They’re standing very close together, and there’s a long tense moment where they’re staring into each other’s eyes and it seems like they’re about to kiss, then Dan walks in and interrupts the moment, and it’s portrayed as if Dan interrupted a romantic moment.

  32. Those are so cute & and such a neat idea, that’s so cool you made the patterns yourself!

  33. That last picture in the meme format’s really ableist, please can we choose other meme formats? It’s really disappointing how much ableism I see in the ace community sometimes.

  34. Just a PSA Aromantic friends, the last image in this meme format is extremely ableist and harmful towards people with facial differences & disfigurements. It portrays someone with a facial disfigurement as having a low level of intelligence and worth, it plays into many harmful ableist stereotypes. I know ableism is very deeply ingrained in mainstream culture, and it can be hard to begin to spot and unlearn at first, but please try. I saw this meme format used by a bigger ace Twitter account months ago too; this isn’t specifically about OP, our society is deeply ableist and so of course there’s ableism in our aromantic community too, it’s just disappointing to see.

  35. Yeah I’ve had two of this type of account randomly follow me this week, immediately blocked them, I didn’t know Reddit had porn bots

  36. I’m not saying the article is doing it because I only have access to this photo, or that you op believes in it, but just a PSA that rhetoric using the myth of over-population & blaming (especially poor & people of color) individuals that have multiple children for the destruction of the environment is eco fascism. This article doesn’t seem to go fully there but it does seem to put a moral value on the number of children one has, and I’ve seen friends fall for eco fascist ideas soon after seeing things like this and having a very individualistic mindset to their environmentalism, I’d highly suggest anyone read a little about it if they’re not sure what eco fascism is.

  37. Thank you for commenting. I don't have the full article and I'm not really supporting eco facism (thanks for the new vocab.) I'm just not really into kids (making, birthing, raising) so I am not affected if kids happen to not be eco friendly. I'll make sure to tread carefully.

  38. No problem, I figured it was just that it was an intriguing new idea as someone who wasn’t planning on having kids. It’s just rhetoric I’ve seen lots of people fall into starting out with being a little too excited with the idea that kids are bad for the environment & that people should have less of them, which can quickly turn into rhetoric about how certain people shouldn’t be having kids, and as an American that just makes me think of my country’s history of forced sterilization of minorities & eugenics as well as eco fascism.

  39. Elatsoe by Darcy Little Badger if you’re okay with YA, I really enjoyed it. It’s set in a version of our world with magical/supernatural elements and actually happens to have an aroace main character, though the plot doesn’t revolve around her identity or anything, it just happens to be the only book on my shelf that doesn’t have any romantic plots or subplots.

  40. Will it air on BBC America at all? Cause I'm happy they're bring the Sea Devils back, The Sea Devils is one of my favorite Classic Who series

  41. Yes, there’s even “to be announced” slots in the BBC America schedule that are most definitely the new episode on the 17th, as they’re within a Doctor Who marathon on the channel, with the first airing seeming to coincide with the UK, airing at 11 AM Pacific/2 PM Eastern, then a later showing at 5/8PM for prime time.

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