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  1. Ehh probably not at this point. I'm sure years ago I would have but I'm too bitter to put up with people's generic bullshit jokes.

  2. Upvoted to bring to 69 votes... NOBODY ELSE UPVOTE THIS

  3. The fact that you're even here asking is a red flag. Our industry has always been slightly suggestive. I get that people on the outside don't understand it, but if you let her freely go through your phone (and if she feels the need to tbh is another red flag) and you're comfortable letting her do so, I can't see why she thinks you have anything to hide.

  4. One of my friends and I always have whole conversations in VGS even though we're on discord together. A lot of the voice lines from the OG announcer (rather than voice packs) are abruptly hilarious. Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi I'm the greatest No! Yes! No! Yes! Ok! Sorry! Thanks! No problem!

  5. I like this. Part of me wants him to have a hat which he retains after transformation giving him a Smokey the Bear look. But overall solid concept

  6. Make sure you chug all 3 before letting them know you're hired.

  7. I imagine nobody answered cause there's likely 100 posts daily asking the same question and you probably could've found it with a little bit of scrolling or searching in that r/

  8. Go lighter on the tequila, is my trick. That taste tends to stand out and people don't typically like the taste of rack tequila. Also .5oz of all of those and .5 )maybe a lil more) triple sec

  9. That Forrest Gump when he sees Lieutenant Dan wave.

  10. Yes yes yes. This one. Big ol dumb guy wave and giant smile then go back to what I'm doing

  11. Super Mario RPG needs a sequel. I don't care if the graphics are slightly better than the original. The isometric viewpoint, pre-papermario rpg formula, and bowser as a playable protagonist was a great idea. Have yet to make a game like it again. And don't give me spiritual successor bullshit.

  12. My god yes. I'm dying to see those characters come back. So many good personalities and humorous moments. I'm guessing Square has the rights to them or we'd have seen Geno and Mallow in Smash Bros or something.

  13. I still enjoyed SPM but TTYD is definitely my favorite Mario game ever

  14. There really were so many great things about that game

  15. I wouldn’t mind serving a drink after last call if they acknowledge I already made last call, pay and drink up quick. I would stay open after close if the tips were persuasive enough

  16. This is ALWAYS a trap. I've had that agreement many times and 8/10 times they overstay. Unless it's industry people I know, they're not getting served after last call. That aside, you should never serve after last call cause then other people want another drink and you look like a dick saying no.

  17. How do you build sobek? I like his kit but i feel like I always do kinda eh with him

  18. Also be sure to use his dash to peel for your allies, not just huck people into them

  19. Goof Troop was a lot better than it should've been

  20. Being able to freely roam, dig stuff up and use a grapple gun all made it one of my favourite games.

  21. The digging was great. I remember the one castle map with a whole ass yard to dig up. Loved that.

  22. I don't go get drunk at a Chuck E. Cheese, and I shouldn't have to deal with kids in a brewery.

  23. It drives me crazy when parents bring their kids to a brewery just to ignore them and let them harass everyone else around.

  24. People with kids fucking LOVE breweries. Should be treated as any other bar... Leave the lil fuckers at home.

  25. Then you would buy what you wanted at a discount price and never look at it again. This way they force you to play or login daily to check it.

  26. 50/50 - I'd likely buy more skins overall if they were for gods I liked.

  27. Counter point. I wouldn’t play a lot of character that I play if I didn’t have a random skin for them. I would try everyone but I really only play characters that I have cosmetics for because it makes my brain happy.

  28. I mean from your personal standpoint this is a fair counterpoint, but I'm sure not everyone is motivated to play new gods solely based on having a skin. Personally, I get annoyed when I get a skin from a random box that's for someone I don't play, or even worse, can't stand playing lol.

  29. The trick is to start with Benevolence and use it to ramp gold with your passive >:]

  30. Your feet will take a while to get used to this lifestyle, but it'll stick eventually. Try to find the most comfortable non-slips you can and break em in while you wait for your feet to break in

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