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  1. How do you connect your projector to the software? Do you just connect the project via HDMI to the PC?

  2. SAME! Was looking for one in US that's good. I tried Atlas, but they are hit or miss. Sometimes realllly good and other times just undrinkable.

  3. Just go to a local store, Best Buy or target ask them for one. Or look up on amazon, type in Xbox one s power cable.

  4. Whoooooooahhhh!!! J2bGhvfy4zF6qwe79ju1VJiehLQXRv5Ki4iFXjJvEAKf

  5. Let’s go!!! J2bGhvfy4zF6qwe79ju1VJiehLQXRv5Ki4iFXjJvEAKf

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