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  1. Skipping DS2 tells me you just play along and listen to the sheep of reddit lol. It’s a great game and you shouldn’t just skip over it because a few people don’t like it.

  2. If I would listen to the sheep of reddit I would play it lol look at all these DS2 stans in the comments

  3. Edit: I did not expect this post to get so many upvotes and interaction lmao. Just wanted to post my first souls victory, but I guess it got so much traction cause of me skipping DS2. Regarding that, stop telling me to play it, I won't and it's my decision. Also I'd like to say a big "fuck you" to everyone saying that this is bait/that I posted it just to trigger the DS2 fans. I did not. I just wanted to post my first run, chill.

  4. yo bro I understood your meme first try dont believe it is incomprehensible and you are an humor alien and I feel the pain

  5. It's not even a meme it's literally a screenshot from a convo with my friend that I thought was funny

  6. idk bro i feel like he's very shit rn. im master 200 LP peak and cant carry plat games with him not bothering with him anymore rn

  7. Congrats! Quite a milestone! Is the real world treating you as kind? What was your biggest achievement this year?

  8. Back to this question cause it randomly crossed my mind. Crushed the final exams, omw to college, sadly dropped out of master after hitting 200 LP and decaying, but I'm focusing on improving and hitting it on euw now.

  9. Its because i dup with a lower elo player so im often 20 or 25 kills deep and still losing because the team is retarded.

  10. Yeah the matchup is bad but the pick gives nothing since durabilitypatch so i leave it open

  11. After another game of facing wukong I have decided on permabanning him instead jesus fucking christ

  12. Judging by how you have more than enough gold for 6 items and every single one of your teammates had barely 300gpm i imagine you were heavily taxing your laners. I for sure hope this isn't ranked cause I'd report you for that.

  13. This guy is insanely wrong. Take everything and rely only on yourself to carry the game. Sigma rengar grindset

  14. Enemy picked my rengo so I had to show him I'm still the better hunter :d He was a 1trick too

  15. a recunoscut instantaneu poza ta de profil gust muzical grozav

  16. Nu mai exista sirop cu codeina în ro dar dacă faci rost de codeina fosfat pastile e perfect bei un romergan și după bagi 150-300mg de codeina

  17. Make sure there are no harmful ingredients such as Guaf or Paracetamol. I would drink the syrup as it is and use grapefruit as a chaser.

  18. I used to watch Yamikaze on & off, but I don’t think he’s been active for a few months. :/

  19. He talked about the situation in a youtube vid, TL DR I think he basically quit ranked and is now doing 4fun content on YouTube.

  20. Don't go to Drututts stream to ask those questions as he will probably make fun of you or ban you. Yes, his rune guide is still viable and he is a good camille player + good coaching sessions on his youtube, just don't watch his stream unless he goes "its educational time". You go TP+ignite versus matchups like Irelia, Akali, Renekton and sometimes Aatrox, etc. People have still to test best matchups for tp+ignite. I always just go Tabi/Mercs depending on the enemy comp and Titanic every game cuz it's an OP item on camille right now.

  21. Unless one of the new skills turns out to be super nutty, the meta will be hyper stale this league. Everyone will play the meta skills remaining that just have dodged nerfs. Expect everyone and their mother to league start ED, vortex and minion necro/witch.

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