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  1. TIL there was another 4th gen Sungho, with OnlyOneOf’s Rie & Kingdom’s Mujin both being Sungho too

  2. Both the songs they're using are, and not only do i have that, I've seen kpop companies use this same tactic in the past, and it hasn't been all that great.

  3. I have no qualms about the song not being a ‘revolutionary’ mashup as long as there’s consistency across the entire track in terms of mixing and mastering. We know Modhaus has a dedicated studio for that and this is more of like an passion project from the A&R team. I don’t mind seeing tripleS’ producers play around with their music and give us cool mixes because we know that their proper comebacks are more than amazing.

  4. Thanks for downvotes. I thought y’all hated NFTs or just only when a group you don’t like does it? A fool and his money are soon parted.

  5. NFTs are pointless in general, but these objekts translate into voting tokens for tripleS. It’s not known how Modhaus will incorporate them for ARTMS at the moment but objekt sales are a very good form of passive income and because they’ve used polygon (carbon neutral but not entirely free of environmental harm) it definitely causes less harm than physically shipping photocards across countries that are just well… photocards. Most of the time that’s pretty wasteful, people now have the option to have them digitally and have the ability to vote for tripleS units, title tracks, etc.

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