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  1. Do you use lethacin? That ingredient is supposed to help.

  2. So much for the unmarked white van... that a contract driver for one of our major delivery companies is responsible seems counterintuitive.

  3. I'm calling bullshit. She was being a grouchy grinch. I would use my reusable bags & let them look through each & every one. Then ask to talk to the manager about their policies - and I detest that Karen shit!

  4. He returned, saying he had 2 teeth extracted...

  5. I have one that I can't keep happy no matter what I do. Too much water, not enough; too much light, not enough; it's been repotted, aerated, I have been considering splitting it into 2 or 3 separate plants... but this post shows me that idea likely won't produce a positive result.

  6. I like to embark on a craft/project like cross stitching a bookmark or crocheting small dish rags to give as small gifts. Helps keep my hands busy & reduce snacking during the increase of tv time.

  7. They are! They'll come back. I love the parmesan/black pepper ones - always grab a few bags when I see them back in stores.

  8. Sugar free anything. When ingredients are replaced by chemicals in order to taste good, skip it.

  9. I have a peace lily from a loved one's funeral that I'm emotionally attached to & can't make happy. It alternately wilts or gets brown at the edges and hasn't bloomed in forever.

  10. Very impressive. Looks delicious - quality work, OP!

  11. May I add that many of us avoid being in pictures because we struggle with our appearance - worry about bad angles, extra weight, no makeup on, etc. Get in the picture anyway.

  12. You'll get baked AF but it won't taste good. Not ideal butya ain't gon die!

  13. He's creepy, despite his attempts to redeem himself, he's just gross.

  14. So much they talk about is fake. They posted about him losing a heap of weight but I saw them IRL not long after that and he looked fatter than ever. Idk how but he actually looks better on tv than irl lol. He needs to start taking care of himself as I don’t think he’d have many years left. They are just fake and gross and faked everything since the start like lying about her being a prostitute

  15. He is a weasel of a man in all ways but stature. I have someone in my life with bad cardiac issues and another that has struggled with severe yo-yo dieting their whole life. That he sufferers with both infuriates me - dude had a stroke that instigated his weight loss & he still couldn't take care of himself! Who knows, maybe Annie is doing all that bed cooking to push him over the edge health-wise so she can live her American dream solo🙄

  16. She is a caricature at this point. Very strange. I guess she's somebody's kink fantasy🤷🏼‍♀️

  17. she did make a point that she just wanted to look like a blow up doll. i mean she certainly has that look now lol honestly i don’t think her face looks that bad, but her body is definitely what she wanted. not my preference tho

  18. It's sad to me. Seeing a woman reduce herself to a sex toy... NTM she'll be on & off the operating table for the rest of her life maintaining that look.


  20. She's delusional & an abuser. But TBH I'm losing sympathy for Michael. Dude's been putting up with this increasingly obnoxious behavior for years.

  21. Would you lose sympathy for a woman in an abusive relationship?

  22. When someone won't help themselves, swats away the helping hand offered over & over; yes, the sympathy is lost - replaced by even sadder emotions. The sympathy turns into frustration, helplessness, impotence.

  23. I thought they said that about their relationship but not a marriage. They said they’d tolerate a relationship but nothing beyond.

  24. That cat looks like he's ODing... quick, get some NARCAT

  25. First of all there is no “caste system” in effect, nor has it been for over 100 years. Any caste-based discrimination is due to immaturity among people, the same way racial discrimination still exists in the United States.

  26. I recently switched to The Earthling Company's

  27. Mouth watering & highly pro presentation. Nicely done, OP!

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