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  1. Bah y a aucun problème si tu es gay en faite.

  2. Ce pote citadin qui découvre la campagne

  3. The "I'm a woman " doesn't really work after saying a huge mistake on women body

  4. What the hell he think the difference is ?

  5. why do i feel like i read a book version of a hentai?

  6. they are blamed for their bad behavior, which naturally does not attract any potential friendship or romantic relationship.

  7. A "normies" is a gigachad compared to incels, because they know how to respect us

  8. Il avait sans doute du porno pédophile dedans

  9. Fun fact, this is not where the g-spot is

  10. Moi avec un téléporteur je vais dans le monde de doom

  11. Yeah girl, believe in your kegel muscle !!!

  12. The people in the comments of the pictures said everything

  13. Welcome to reality bro. Here were disgusted by men who think porn is real life

  14. I think those guy are kinda impressive, really. I have never seen such a lack of self-esteem to the point where they were afraid to admit that they are unable to fend for themselves at their age.

  15. because it's true that apart from water, air passes through panties and a completely closed uterus to give oxygen to the baby

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