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  1. Xenogears fanart is pretty few and far between. I always love to see it and wish there was a place that I could actually see more of it because I know it’s out there.

  2. Remember when fash Twitter predicted 0 new Covid cases past November 2020

  3. Thomas Jefferson's views on race are very interesting. Not as anti-slavery as many of his contemporaries, but one of very few of the Founding Fathers who deigned to take a personal liking to individual black people and Native Americans. And of course it's pretty fucked up that he had children with one of his slaves.

  4. I’d like to thank GOP primary voters for being the dumbest motherfuckers on the planet with absolutely no foresight.

  5. My take on Watchmojo’s top five WORST historical blemishes on the US’s record:

  6. If anyone changed their pfp in the last month or so let me know I’m a visual learner thanks

  7. Oh yes, in fact he spent a lot of time investigating the spectrum.

  8. I always feel bad after the stormcloakes take whiterun and the jarl is not angry, just disappointed.

  9. I just want Aerith to live, man. Let me kill my childhood trauma, SE. Just let her have a happy life this time. At least give us the damn option to choose for ourselves!

  10. Dealing with death and loss is one of the biggest themes of the original game. No way in hell should Aerith live and destroy the impact just so some fans can keep their waifu.

  11. It's such a catch-22 when you stop and think about it lol. I 100% think they need to keep Aerith's death (as you can decipher from my discussion in this string)....but I feel that way because of how sad it is, which makes the game more impactful.

  12. I’m under the impression that the whole “change the future” thing is a red herring that will ultimately lead to the one thing that can’t be prevented. Nomura’s interviews seem to suggest this, they just did a clumsy job with the ghosts in part 1.

  13. I believe I saw this one from Virginia. It was five minutes after launch, and it was a little white dot traveling straight across the sky with no contrails.

  14. Near Richmond. The launches are much more visible at night, but you still need to be looking for them.

  15. If you're on the East coast you may be able to see the the ISS resupply launch in 10 minutes

  16. Biden has had great success but I know which one is rather have actually represent my country.

  17. This place is more dead than usual at this hour. Damn Americans have a holiday and my favourite shit posting board becomes a ghost town

  18. My gf when I burn garlic: oh my god are you trying to give us cancer? 🤢🤢🤢 Throw it out, use a new pan, disinfect the kitchen!!

  19. I think the only time I fought gear enemies while on foot was near the end game, after mastering Fei’s last couple of deathblows. At least one of them, maybe Yamikei, was capable of decimating even some normal gear enemies. It was a great feeling of power that honestly the game could have developed more.

  20. Oh yeah I remember grinding the last deathblows with dragons, sucks that the last dungeon is just gears though.

  21. You are better off using the gears and learning gear combat. Deathblow learning is kinda weird and it's not necessarily based on doing the combo over and over til you learn it. Some unlock after you hit a certain level or after certain storyline areas are completed. I wouldn't worry about that you'll have plenty of random battles and time to learn them. Also use the gears because there's a chance you'll die if you're on foot and face a big gear or monster. You usually find a repair bot somewhere to refuel as well.

  22. I should add that the deathblow button combos are the same for each character in the same order, save for like two characters that are slightly different.

  23. This thing is so cool but I wish it had little plastic versions of the streams of light that come out the back. That's the coolest part IMO.

  24. CIA didn’t exist then. She was a great intelligence officer for the union tho.

  25. I saw the Vagrant story action figures and it made me realize how good the art style would look today.

  26. I mean I agree. Xenogears is cool but there’s a bit too much noise for it to be practical imo.

  27. Well technically we're not launching everything we mine to the moon right? But you'd be launching stuff from the moon to earth.

  28. Very crater you see on the moon is the result of an asteroid impacting the surface and sending many metric tons of material from the moon into space. This has been happening for millions of years and the Moon hasn’t gone anywhere.

  29. How much mass can be added or removed from the moon before we are affected here on earth?

  30. The biggest tragedy of the trans discourse is that a lot of people now genuinely think that you are not safe being publicly trans in America. This is absolutely not the case, and acting like there is an active trans genocide or that you are likely to be murdered for being trans just creates massive, unnecessary psychological damage to an already vulnerable population.

  31. It really depends on where you are, as in some places it may be actually dangerous. This rhetoric is dangerous for children who are already killing themselves in larger numbers. Change is possible, hell just look at the past 10 years.

  32. Let’s say someone challenges you to a karma competition. You and them can post up to 25 times in a single DT, whoever gets the most upvotes wins

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