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  1. He looked like one of the naked twins from Outlast 1 lmao

  2. I bought a case for my ps5, you can get one of Amazon. They’re just a case for the console. I then put that in a decent sized gym bag, and put clothes around and on top of the case. Now they’ll ask you to take it out at security, but that’s fine. Just make sure the console is flat in the tray. Good luck friend, and good luck on the path.

  3. Bienvenue frère! Tu vas adorer la France ( la détestez) reste (par) en France!

  4. at least he knows english,doesnt need to bring translator woth him,when u dont know the language u basiacly cant show ur personality

  5. “Yeah you know Batman’s a good kid. I’m excited to see how he does as a vigilante going forward.”

  6. Pouvez-vous parler français? Vous devez apprendre un peu de français. Les dames aimeront votre accent.

  7. Oui je suis très adept avec la langue cependant pour conversation avec un personne français, c’est un situation plus diffèrent.

  8. Mon francais est actually tres shitty. Je was using le translate de Google.

  9. my friend from work has never watched MMA before and randomly decided to watch tonight. when the co-main started she texted me “omg the Amish guy is doing cartwheels with the other guy”

  10. Khamzat is a shining example of the Amish community.

  11. Cowboy would absolutely beat tony in a rematch at this point the man is as good as dead in there, even diego sanchez could finish him

  12. wakes up from 12 hour nap, sees this photo

  13. A lot of breakdancing and back stage brawls were involved.

  14. The game is goated. Hall of fame for sure.

  15. Don’t you think that’s a little weird?

  16. V3mu says:

    Can't outride your sins

  17. A surge either fries electronics or it doesn’t. There’s no in between.

  18. The best way to level up quickly is by doing main quests. Going to the map’s question marked locations right at the start is going to get you killed… a lot. The best gear in the game is witcher gear, and doing contracts will get you a lot of relic swords which are usually really good. You need to be level 11 to start being able to wear witcher gear, the first set being School of the Griffin. Invest your skill points into combat, and signs. Definitely invest in the ‘gourmet’ buff and the ‘strong back’ buff. They’re under general perks, or the yellow ones. With regard to tips and tricks, quen will save you a lot so maybe think about having that sign at the ready. And do quests which are at your level. That’s how CDPR want you to play the game. First playthrough I ever did I went straight to Novigrad and… yeah. Enjoy friend. And good luck on the path.

  19. Unironically a really good boss in the game, cool character too.

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