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  1. I love Scotland. I'm just south of the wall. My first deep fried mars bar was in Glasgow, and my morning coffee was swapped for a bottle of buckfast a long time ago.

  2. Fkin love masel a bottle of buckfast, getting one for the fitba tomorrow, as for deep fried marsbars 🤢

  3. What made you think that? I just assumed their from the states because of how thick their comment was

  4. The purest of pure Cinch this. Grade A 100% quality. Another 30 minutes of this is going right up my nose.

  5. I get it and I'm 23, but I'm from a family of Scousers.

  6. I couldn't care less what someone with a severe mental disorder thinks.

  7. A lot of people don’t realize that Scotland is one of the most woke places on earth nowadays.

  8. Not for everyday citizens like myself it’s not, our government and police Scotland is getting more work as time goes on though.

  9. I love reddit, no one is saying "hey maybe don't eat that" literally all the messages are like "yes warrior we will see in Valhalla but update us before the darkness takes you".

  10. Are you just now finding out console rust is a huge pile of shit?

  11. Thanks but there is two of us. Also do I need to unlock blueprint for locks? It do I craft a certain workbench or something ?

  12. No code locks are available to make right from the get go, once placed onto the door, pressing on it will let you enter the code you want to use

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