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  1. I think it's saying to look at the reward breakdown in the app itself, but also acknowledging that the customers were both sent emails about the change in advance as well as given notices in the app itself

  2. Did they promote it through social media as well? Or just through the app and email because if so thats a little shady.

  3. A little extra: it’s also the fact that when you pick the answers it rates them of what they think is suitable to say to the customer XD we ain’t robots!!

  4. It seemed like the longest answer was always rated 3 stars

  5. On my first day my coworkers had me drink an uncut cold brew with a shot, i got very sick hahaha

  6. my coworker drinks it daily and calls it their crack😭😭😭

  7. I love both! They remind me of megaman bosses!

  8. How can you copyright something if you have no ownership of the product used or say on the pricing? You can’t! You do not get a cut out of creating a drink unless you’re considering you’re hourly wage. customers make drink books/ recipes all the time but don’t say its copyright because they hold no ownership over the actual product. And it the same case for this barista, they just don’t know it yet :/

  9. I have scream tail, roaring moons, flutter mane, and slither wing! Im just looking for an iron thorns

  10. LF: iron thorns FT: roaring moons, slither wing, fluttermane, scream tail

  11. Im looking to make a kaju/godzilla universe inspired team.

  12. Your guys pastry cart has a space next to the fridge?! Mines basically in the middle of the walk way between our oven and front register

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