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  1. In the app it says I don't meet the threshold for one now, when before I would have owed a bunch. So safe to go with that or no?

  2. No, the app is incorrect. If you don’t pay taxes on it and Celsius reports it to the IRS then it’s gonna cause some headaches.

  3. Man, Iyo Sky needs to be on her own like in NXT. She is a star!

  4. She’s my favorite all time female NXT wrestler. I’m waiting for her to breakout as a singles star on the main roster.

  5. I’m happy for her. A lot of setbacks to get to this point.

  6. I always thought Charlotte during those years she did the split in her entrances was very pretty. She wasn’t too muscular, didn’t have so much plastic surgery yet, and was really good in the ring.

  7. So when are they gonna send out the updated 1099s? The tax deadline is next month. Even if they haven’t reported to IRS yet they will and if we file before then we’ll have to amend it.

  8. Yup he’d be foolish to say otherwise. Lamar Odom confessed his desire to stay and the lakers lowballed him. Gotta treat your impending free agency as business.

  9. They deserve it. LAUSD needs better pay if they’re to attract good teachers. The kids need it.

  10. The more info that comes out, the more the solution seems to be bringing back Punk and getting rid of Jericho.

  11. I have no idea if you're being sincere, but the thought of you yelling at an automated system is just funny to me.

  12. Anyone not enjoy Creed 2 as much? Creed seemed to be kind of an ahole much of the movie. Surprisingly bawled my eyes out during the final moments of the last fight though invoking Drago.

  13. I know AEW is bloated but that’s the best place for her right? I would say WWE now that Trips is in charge but I haven’t liked Io’s booking on the main roster so far. She also seems too good for Impact.

  14. Miro would probably be happier in Impact where he would received a monster push, probably become champion, and would have more creative control.

  15. LAUSD mostly serves lower income children. No amount of money will improve their situation at home which is the most important environment to thrive.

  16. Wow the wife was paralyzed from the neck down at 29. I was wondering if they had kids.

  17. Damn these two girls are brave af and was smart enough to grab whatever floatation device they could find.

  18. It would be hilarious if he came back and they totally drop off the playoff race.

  19. Sell the house and move into an apt closer to you. It’ll work in both your favors when you have a child.

  20. Little Big Planet is fun and so are the Lego Marvel games. Lots of characters to choose from and you work together.

  21. Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. These games are incredible as a Batman fan.

  22. What the fuck lol. Is there really no recourse for all the techs that are being given out? They need to hold another training for current refs.

  23. Kyrie might be the most liked player in the NBA amongst other players

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