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  1. For real? I really enjoyed her book, Axiom’s End, and have the sequel sitting on the shelf ready to read. I didn’t know she wasn’t making YouTube content anymore. How sad.

  2. The sequel is good! I hope you enjoy it when you get to it.

  3. Well I'm back after not playing for a few years. So so so much has changed x_x I also hear there's a sequel game coming? I hope it plays similarly. I tried the newer game and didn't like the play style.

  4. I'm all for spirituality and I do respect and maybe lend some credence to certain practices regarding spell-craft and tarot but.... I swear the tagline "6 members want to leave" is going to spread like wildfire. I hope no one gets in trouble over this. We always need to take things with a grain of salt, predictions can be wrong. The best readers will tell you they make mistakes or misinterpret too.

  5. It's so fun to recognize the voices and laughter from some of the blurred girls. It's wild how much work went into this debut project.

  6. Gahhh these are some of the prettiest cards yet. It's a shame they're starting to up their game at this point.

  7. I would just be wary of spending money in the chance that they ultimately take the game down. I'm not sure how licencing and stuff works but GFRIEND had theirs shut down after disbandment so personally I wouldn't risk it financially. Playing the game is fine imo, it is fun after all.

  8. They keep it a little after their disbandment and we had lots of event and almost all songs in the game before the really end.

  9. Oh that's good at least! I guess it would just be on OP to see if it's worth the investment. Because throwing money at gatcha can still be fun even if it's temporary.

  10. At 1:26 it just sounded like Anya Taylor Joy speaking into a microphone podcast style. Totally threw me

  11. Yeah I don't need her to sound like the in game peach, but it would be nice if she didn't sound like she was phoning it in. Can't really judge based off so few lines but yeah.

  12. They also constantly steal art. Pretty much any stickers or enamel pins you find there are stolen designs. Constantly ripping off small artists and brands and very shamelessly at that. And thats not mentioning the human rights violations and other stuff outlined already.

  13. Happy 14M to eclipse! A song that gone some mention from nasa.

  14. It hit me yesterday how bad BBC is at promoting these releases. Like yeah I get the Chuu stuff was dicey at the end, but literally everything else besides CocoMong was so poorly promoted.

  15. I would absolutely be there. I watched them all in 2020 but I haven't done a rewatch since. Maybe we can try to get old memes trending on Twitter or something! We should make a hashtag for it like #loonatvrewatchparty or something ☺️

  16. This is one of the craziest things I've seen in this sub, holy shit.

  17. I just went and watched their Flip That video, first time ever seeing their content. I see why the last words on screen resonate today so much.

  18. Thank you for your kind words, really beautiful. :)

  19. I guess the old saying "no such thing as bad press" still stands. Curious onlookers and crying orbits alike going back to watch her music video haha.

  20. The thought of losing loona tv is heartbreaking. I'm sure there will be tons of mirrors of the music videos but not all those little vlogs they did. 😭

  21. Unrelated to anything, does anyone know what brand that dress is? Or what the style is called? Asymmetrical only brings up high-low dresses when I search.

  22. Unrelated to anything, does anyone know what brand that dress is? Or what the style is called? Asymmetrical only brings up high-low dresses when I search.

  23. I'm just curious, but I'm wondering why the other girls haven't filed a lawsuit like Chuu and tried to get away from the company?

  24. Part of why is likely that Chuu just had *so many* schedules. She was out there doing tons of commercials and appearances and not seeing a dime for it. I think the other girls either didn't have the resources or the reason sadly. BBC doesn't go out and hustle for them to get these sort of opportunities so it's easier for them to stay quiet since there's no better alternative. I mean that with love to all the girls, too. Plus we don't know what they've ever planned or if they did talk to legal help on the side.

  25. Right this isn't how I wanted to find out lmaoooo

  26. The official audio only version has 5M+ views:

  27. I believe it is Youtube music counting towards that. What a big number, good for her!

  28. Subbits just released their translation on Twitter and I'm honestly kind of stunned. It just straight up does say that, unambiguously.

  29. This is a good point too. I doubt Chuu is some raging diva but it's possible she had harsh words with higher ups or was just so stressed out they're using that as reasoning to get her out. Even so, they better have good records of this because Chuu has every right to defend her reputation, and I hope she does so!

  30. I do need financial support, I’m going for undergrads in next month. I also think she would be less vocal if I was done with college.

  31. Do what you can to be safe and happy. Keep the peace with your family while you can.

  32. Head to the local homeless shelter. Drop it off with a smile or stay and help out.

  33. Do it and take photos and stuff! Create some amazing memories and post them to your socials too. You don't even have to mention what happened with the fam. Do a good deed and don't be shy to pay yourself on the back for it. Maybe you'll make some friends too.

  34. How have I never seen this channel?? This was something they did together?

  35. Yeah it's a shame to see, especially considering Minthe's design was clearly intentional in the beginning as a sort of foil to Persephone. They brought out each other's insecurities - Minthe was insecure over being thin and small-breasted, while Persephone was insecure over being heavier and curvier.

  36. I always loved how Minthe was clearly this tall slim cosmopolitan type girl. Like it was a clear design of "high fashion baddie who does important work, and knows it." Now she really does seem to just have Persephone's curves..

  37. Omg I'm loving the idea of everyone making their pets have an Instagram 😂 These dogs aren't to my tastes but who am I to argue with the Moon Girls, I hope they enjoy seeing the updates.

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