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  1. Genuinely wish I could mute anything Booker T ever says at this point

  2. I'd honestly love it. Pretend Punk was never there in the first place.

  3. This is Tony Kahn's biggest test. If he gets it wrong, he'll lose a serious amount of respect and he'll never get it back

  4. His reputation has already taken a massive hit. His performance in that scrum is going to follow him for a very long time. He's teetering on the edge right now.

  5. Yeah it felt like TK was so meek and small. VKM punished Titus O’Neil for far less. So, yes I’ve lost a ton of respect for TK. Punk has a business to run now…

  6. Vince would have shut that down in about 5 seconds. If Punk persisted he probably would have physically attacked him.

  7. No wonder he's brought up in so many of Punk's promos. If I had a talking dog I wouldn't shut up about it either.

  8. Moxley spelt backwards is gossip. How could we be so blind?!

  9. I demand you release CM Punk from his incarceration posthaste. This man is not a political prisoner. He's the voice of the voiceless!

  10. Salutations! The present circumstances that were precipitated by an unfortunate number of verbal transgressions could have been avoided if the deeper root causes were considered. What is wrestling if not a metaphor for life? Are we all not wrestling our own heels on a daily basis? The heels of doubt & dread. We must takes these terrors to the mat. Thrashing them soundly & securing the pinfalls of better self & sanity.

  11. Dear Mods, There are too many threads nowadays. Please, eliminate three. P.S. I am not a crackpot.

  12. I'm just glad he was finally able to graduate law school without being obstructed.

  13. Wow I can't believe they said all those things about those people

  14. I thought it was very brave that someone finally had the courage to put Barry Horowitz in his place after all these years.

  15. e39 says:

    I’m having a hard time telling the difference between the pipe bomb persona and someone with brain trauma.

  16. He really seemed completely out of control in the beginning. His anger was palpable. If he was acting he should probably leave AEW & pursue that instead.

  17. I mean the whole thing was just awful, immature & he came across unhinged. The part that I haven't seen mentioned as much is Punk's refrain about how he's running a business while he's sitting right next to the guy who actually owns the company.

  18. Yeah I think so, HHH said he’s skewering from the idea that wrestlers have to be big meaty giants, and eddie is arguably one of the best talkers in the past 10-15 years. I think eddie fits better in AEW but im not sure where they go next with him.

  19. In my opinion I'm not sure that Tony realizes how special & unique Eddie's connection with the fans is. It reminds me of Dusty Rhodes in a way. I really thought the Jericho program was the thing that would have made Kingston in AEW. Instead they completely blew the ending of it.

  20. The kid running after him is hilarious, as if he was going to beat up Chuck Taylor

  21. Apparently he didn't have his phone with him so that why he didn't know about this until after he left the scrum.

  22. Punk literally calls out EVP's to come at him, they do

  23. Ding-dong reasonable guy in the house. It's great seeing you other reasonable guys.

  24. Sounds like an episode of The Three Stooges. I hope Shemp finally gets over.

  25. Yeah idk. At this point, dollars be dammed, Punk probably isn't worth it at this point. This is out of control

  26. It's easy from where I am to say that he could have cut off Punk's rant & stopped this early on. He could have though.

  27. He must really love Punk so much that he'd torpedo a job that he's had for barely 6 months.

  28. Everyone gets one free scented candle

  29. To clarify, this was on his Reckless Speculation podcast. He said that all of these were rumors that he had heard but could not confirm.

  30. For the real story you have to wait for his Meticulously Vetted podcast.

  31. Well I’m sure this will end well with us all having a pint down at the Winchester while waiting for this to all blow over

  32. I dont think so because Punk level of piss is because he was asked about it. Like that’s that final straw type of rant. He obviously been pissed about all of this for a while and being asked that question was the opening for the Bs to come out.

  33. Yeah my perception is that he doesn't have very much respect for Tony.

  34. It's pretty clear what he thinks.

  35. Yeah if push comes to shove he'd let the The Elite walk because he still has Punk, Dragon, Cole & so on. I don't think the fans would respond to that so favorably though.

  36. It’s okay guys. He just realized he forgot to turn the oven off at home.

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