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  1. HELP. Is there somewhere on St. Joseph's Hospital that tells what the urgent care wait times are?

  2. For St. Joe's, it's part triage and part first come, first serve. They open at 8 and there were usually 7-10 people lined up by 7:45. You can go line up for open for quicker service

  3. If you have an iPhone with FaceID, you can download an app that can calculate it for you. I felt a lot more comfortable with that compared to the ruler measurement thing. There's probably something for Android phones if they also have a face scanning type feature

  4. I’ve used eyebuydirect for mine. The website is pretty easy to use and they ship in about 1-2 weeks and I’ve submitted the receipt to my insurance afterwards and never had an issue. In store lenses are almost always a rip off imo.

  5. Yep +1 for EBD. I've gotten several pairs from them. Great customer service and never had an issue submitting to insurance.

  6. GeorgeJoe Fresh brand from Loblaws or Real Canadian Superstore could be an option. IIRC, the Westmount Loblaws and RCSS on Oxford and Gammage have larger clothing sections

  7. Following - in a similar situation with a destination wedding to attend ens of May. One thing I know I will be doing is compression socks. Its supposed to help the swelling/pain on the flight

  8. I noticed their prices are a bit more for more hours packages. They are more thorough though?

  9. Highly highly recommend DriverZed. I didn't have Sam, I had Aliya.

  10. My report was never made available, my scans were Feb 6. I just assumed it was never going to come, as it needs to be reviewed with you with a doctor. Similar to how ultrasound techs aren't able to tell you the results and you often have to wait for your doctor, even if the ultrasound techs are capable of interpreting the information

  11. Fibula fracture at ankle. I'm very happy to be walking but now my knee is messed up. Keep getting pain when I bend or stand for a bit, also pain at the surgery site and it can get itchy too. I really wish that would heal faster. Oh and I lost my job that I was about to start when I broke my ankle so thanks for that, ankle!

  12. When was your break? Also fib fracture at ankle gang

  13. Wow thank you!!! And it's funny you mention that, my physiotherapist said to do walking in a swimming pool along with the stationary bike of which I have access to both. I own a stationary bike and my building has a swimming pool.

  14. I have been procrastinating so I haven’t done my first PERT since my new job. But I can say - I reached out to CPA to confirm. If you already have level 2 in an enabling competency, you can leave it blank moving forward. I already had some level 2s, but do have a few at level 1 I’ll need to update still at my next report. Hope this helps

  15. Really bad accident last night on Richmond at Raymond last night. Wondering if anyone has any news on it? 3 cars involved, one split into multiple pieces. Most likely due to that pull up spot in front of the Luxe apartments; that spot is dangerous.

  16. Yeah that spot is horribly dangerous, I always get in the left lane to avoid cars pulling out of the Luxe

  17. Was told this week that I can start trying to walk around without my moon boot. Got triaged as urgent for physio so have an appointment on Tuesday.

  18. Congrats! Out of curiosity, what’s your timeline like for the break, surgery, and where you are now?

  19. I've got a broken ankle and man, I never really appreciated how shit it is to break a bone until you're in it. It's not unusual to see some people with broken arms or feet or ankles while you're growing up. I just never really thought about how uncomfortable and painful and SLOW the healing process is. Respect to all the kids in school who hobbled around like champs

  20. Mentally struggling, 2.5 weeks post op but 1 month since I broke my ankle. It's just a lot of things piling on top of each other. I hardly get out of the house because it's so much work and there's snow outside where I am. I miss going for walks and fresh air. I feel like a burden because I need help with so many things. I cant cook dinners or bake which I enjoyed. My calf muscles have atrophied and I can hardly recognize my own leg. Just been feeling like not myself these days and just staying afloat rather than enjoying much of anything.

  21. If I had to guess, it depends on the severity of your break. I had a pretty clean fibula break, but it was displaced a few cm. I have been relatively pain-free since about day 5 after surgery. But I think I might be more of an exception

  22. I had three broken spots, one at the fibula, I can't name other bones there. ER doctor said it was pretty bad. I have two incisions.

  23. It might be worth mentioning to your doctors. I have seen other posts where users have said they are prescribed a different type of medication for nerve pain. Regular pain killers don't address the nerve pain in the same way that nerve painkillers do

  24. I got upgraded to an air cast yesterday at my 2 week ORIF ankle post op! Still NWB but I can start ROM exercises (and holy do I need it, it hardly moves!)

  25. Sometimes I go for their deli meat counter alone. It can be cheaper than other grocery stores and SOO much better. I like their bakery too, always scout for markdowns in the meats and bakery section

  26. Can someone explain why it’s dangerous? I’m getting my license soon and any tips/ info would help

  27. I recently had surgery extremely poorly timed with my partner going away for a week. Here's what I did:

  28. My partner and I just ordered from them for the first time a little while ago thanks to that post. The meat we received was all really good quality, and excellent prices! The breakfast sausages were especially delicious.

  29. Glad to hear it! All around its a great idea. The students need practice, the school recoups costs, and food doesn't go to waste

  30. I know you said not a league, but my friends play with Invado and fees for winter session were $125/person or $695/team (max roster of 9) so less expensive than you were saying

  31. We’re more adaptable than we give ourselves credit for. The first few days are the worst because everything feels different and you worry you’ll never get used to it. You will, I promise. We adapt and to the new situation and in some time, we will get to feel the full gratitude and happiness of having our limbs out of a cast and being able to use them again :)

  32. I was in my mid-forties when I had a tib/fib fracture. Due to some other medical complications, I had to wait 11 days between my injury and the surgery. That part was the roughest (and most painful); once your mom has the surgery she will be on a trajectory toward healing—mentally that makes it a lot easier. Opioids do a real number on the digestive system…I strongly recommend miralax or stool softener of choice while taking them with copious amounts of water.

  33. Hiya! It’s me, the other poster. I have questions too, if you don’t mind since I’m also still in the throes of it.

  34. They were not able to reset my bone in the ER, and would not put me in a cast due to clotting issues. So for the 11 days prior to surgery it was hard to get comfortable, and any movement was painful.

  35. Thanks for the reply. Ah, that would indeed make those 11 days unbearable. I had a bone reset and cast which definitely helped me before surgery.

  36. Basic answer, but if you’re a Starbucks member (free just make an account) you can get unlimited refills on basic coffee or tea while in store. A lot of people don’t know this, but comes in clutch if you’re staying a while and need to get work done. Just go up to the front with your empty cup, they’ll scan your card and refill. I’ve also had some Starbucks that were extra nice and refilled my flavoured ice teas too

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