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  1. like if you feel like you wanna go out searching for fun new experiences then dating around could be for you. if you are dating around looking for a long term meaningful relationship then you can do that. ive never broken up for someone for just looking for new experiences. some people cant handle commitment

  2. I am level 70 so I hold my own against most. I play on console and use the claw method of holding the controller so you can gurantee your ass is getting stabbed.

  3. these mfers are everywhere nowadays with. best one i seen so far was on discord while i was on mobile they send a closely relative response template that is actually a gif with a fly coming onto your screen. actually had me trynna flick it away.

  4. I like being a unstoppable force on the front lines! And every now and then a player comes along and keeps it entertaining for me

  5. thats what i was saying the training grounds is kinda like for honors dominion you have the main objective filled with bots that are usually easy to kill un droves while having 5 real players who cause an actual problem. i like it its fun.

  6. Use whatever reporting options Steam and Discord have.

  7. dude that is so fucked, what happened to the perv? did you talk to your daughter about the situation and what did you say bc i have a daughter and idk how i would react if i found out someone was trying to get my daughter to kiss her cousin on twitch

  8. Short version: No idea about consequences. I don't know where he was, but the odds of him living in the same county as us was very small. I'd hazard a guess that the same information (chat logs, IP addresses, etc.) that was provided to my County's Sheriffs was also sent to law enforcement in his area.

  9. By Feydrids beard leave this poor fucking guy alone lmao. My man is just proud of his score, what are some of these goofy ass comments bruh.

  10. they are sad bc i would beat them 1v1 and my gaming chair is better

  11. Amen to this. “Us vets” makes it sound like you’re gatekeeping a game that is available to anyone who wants to enjoy it.

  12. hello i traveled all the way from my pc and my pc alt account to give you this link

  13. Might be a lame answer but a good shield throw especially of it kills is always funny to me

  14. Honestly you should forward this to the cops. He's calling for violence. This dude is mentally ill and potentially dangerous.

  15. i reported him on steam and discord but im thinking about calling his states counter terrorism hotline

  16. Dude...just go to arena master in any town and reset your smithing perks... you're not loosing anything besides few K as a fee. I do this all the time.

  17. Hand sanitizer and rubbing alcohol was impossible to find available and decently priced for awhile

  18. they started putting the sanatizer in vape bottles and they had sanatizer from distilleries

  19. i was never a big pulse laser guy but ill tell you that rapid fire pulse lasers with phasing sequence on the fdl is absolutely borked plus a fully engineered multicannon with corosive just kills the biggest ships in this game. go with fixed mounts as they are hit scan so its easy to aim gimballed with the huge multicannon

  20. yo someone explain why dreidels are a thing and whats their significance for me and anyone else who came here for this information.

  21. Cus they put it as status. Wich comes under your name and is not the about me thing.

  22. yeah its true aparently its just going around and if you copy it and put it under your status it looks exactly the same

  23. idk why hes got that, been awhile since ive played with him in the vc

  24. Hey I’m so glad things are back to normal!! Wow, that’s amazing that he admitted he overreacted! I just love it when things work out. I really appreciate the update as I’ve been thinking about you. 😎

  25. No fucking way you got up from your chair, went to the toilet, took a piss, wiped your dick, grabbed a beer and sat down in 20 seconds. I am calling you out on your BS. If you seriously believe you were that quick you got a horrible sense of time.

  26. you followed from the red meth post and saw a picture of my daughter and found this didnt you lol, we have calmed down a lot but there are times when i wonder if we are right for each other. things have been better recently. im not the type of man to hold onto bad times and ive already forgotten what i was ready to divorce over. she has been doing good with the kids while i work. i cant complain too much

  27. "I begged and begged for him to give it back, but he didn't return it." i stopped reading here, leave him

  28. This isn't dumb because morality is subjective this is dumb because that's a childish way of looking at the world. Also anyone strongly invested in arguing that most people are bad is just admitting they are bad.

  29. ikr but this is what he said is how he sees the world and im trying to figure out a way to get him to not see so black and white

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