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  1. The botw and totk kind of realistic (but cartoony over ss and tp

  2. I guess just an edgy teenager. It’s not really horror, or scary, and i had nowhere to put it, so i put it ehre

  3. Honestly I’m pretty sure adults do this as well, the subreddit is satire now

  4. Man this got me stumped, I just used recall and it worked lol

  5. Honestly this ain’t bad as long as it’s not spammed in the same subreddit

  6. I’m a heavy atheist, but I ain’t saying ghosts aren’t real

  7. I had a mirror that had handprints appear on the inside of it. Like not on the glass, either inside or behind the glass. They appeared while I was the only one in the room. There were more handprints each day of all different sizes and also my the granite on my kitchen counter shifted a foot off of its supports on its own. So yeah I think either ghosts or maybe multiple realities/ interdimensional beings exist. I personally think everyone goes to the afterlife (the next state of being, a place where your soul evolves to see more dimensions) regardless of what they believe in, though I believe if they led a bad life they might need to be reincarnated as a soul at the same dimensional level until they are ready to evolve.

  8. You have some baseline things right but Project Playtime is just another game in its universe related, not a sequel, and we go to save people, the monsters just wanna kill us. But I get what you mean now, it’s both Poppy and a Creepypasta at the same time. Characters from Poppy and story from the creepy pasta.

  9. Pretty sure this is satire, another post said the same thing genuinely so I think this is trolling

  10. People who sound off about Mario and Meggy not having a 100% wholesome friendship that borders on ship fuel are forgetting what kind of humor this show was founded on

  11. It’s an ad. It appears everywhere, highly doubt the specifically made it go in here

  12. I thought Hestu was just being a crybaby then it jump scared me

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