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  1. GOP is not clueless. That’s how they operate. “Rules for thee, not for me” and “ I screw up everything and I’ll blame you for it”.

  2. Yes, I did it. They where shipped thru DHL. It took around 20 days. Between the taxes, shipping it added around 45% to the total cost. Still a little cheaper than in the USA.

  3. Update: contacted JimGreen and spoke with Jason Crouch, who told me to send him the order number (as I finish the checkout) so he can ship it to the USA. Was told it can take around 21 days for the order to arrive. Managed to order using DuckDuckGo on iOS with the wifi OFF. Their checkout uses PAYFAST, with VISA. FYI, be prepared to call your credit card co. Had to call mine 3 times to confirm it’s me ordering and not someone else. Between the currency conversion, taxes and shipping it came out to add 45% to the cost. Example: $200 x 1.45=$290 total. Took close to 20 days and it arrived with DHL Got the

  4. Lobbying. We don’t call it bribery in the good ole USA 😁😁

  5. Under a million is bribery. More than a million is lobbying.

  6. Corporate welfare. According to the Supreme Court corporations are “persons and not citizens”; then they should pay taxes like the rest of us.

  7. Can I ask what gimping and services were removed over the course of your ownership? My experience has been quite different in that the car has been improved, for free, through software updates.

  8. Draughts / “draffts” is what the UK calls checkers and this is not it.

  9. That’s Soviet style checkers. Also look at the jackets on the background. The white one behind the girls says Turkey and the red one on the left says …ssia

  10. I started buying the Kirkland signature grass fed butter at Costco in bulk. IMO it’s comparable to Kerrygold. Admittedly it’s a pain to deal with the upfront cost of (4) double sticks of butter at once but it definitely helps keep per unit costs down

  11. We freeze 3 packs right away. The other one goes in the fridge

  12. Cable companies disguised monopolies. You take this part of town, I take the other. I remember how fervently Cablevision (Optimum) and Time Warner (Spectrum) where trying not to get Verizon Fios in NY holding town meetings even though Verizon was already offering internet thru DSL. Also the fees for antenna broadcast tv when you are already paying for a tv package.

  13. It's primarily tied into the unibody, but I also bridged it to the subframe to equalize the loads. There are 8 big ass bolts holding the entire front crash structure onto the car that are the primary bolts (Grade 10, not shear bolts). I made an attachment to the subframe that is designed to hold up to the twisting loads that it will be seeing. To be honest, it uses more bolts and bridges the loads more than the F-150 frame did when I started with it.

  14. If you don’t mind me asking, how much did it cost? And how much longer did it take compared to a regular install?

  15. "hey, didn't the judge give you until Nov 30? What's the rush? Take a vacation to Florida, stay at Mar-A-Lago, our treat*!"

  16. I noticed that on the free plan. ONLY 1 camera can record. So if camera 1 starts recording the front door the other ones will not record until the camera 1 stops it’s clip length. Then the next camera that detects motion will start recording.

  17. Great job, “…and this episode of SG was sponsored by Mechanics Gloves. Maximize performance and protection with Mechanics Gloves. Find at the nearest retailer near you”

  18. Sorry for your loss. What a sweet kitty. Thank you for sharing with the rest of us

  19. That looks awesome! Great work! How much time did it take? That’s the way the MVSX should had come from the factory. Myself I was thinking the 19” lcd from Único. But this is better. We all can do with an extra couple of inches…

  20. Same thing could be said about their hearts…(and lack of empathy to whoever is different than them)

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