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  1. I mean tech changes. What do you want them to do about it? My 2016 IS350F lost its features but I knew that for years before it was going to happen. They have timely notice after timely notice. I could have traded up, especially during the 2021 time frame when my car was worth nearly what I bought it for. I chose not to.

  2. So why is there this crazy upswing here? I guess due to instability in supply chains?

  3. You’d vote for an AI for president. Good god that’d be worse than North Korea lol

  4. As much as I've dreamed about the 2020 Toronto Raptors with Kawhi, I think he really put his body on the line for that 2019 title and he's only shown flashes since then.

  5. Did you guys forget about the pandemic? Raptors would have rolled the bubble and maybe the injuries would have been better managed in Toronto. Woulda loved to see it though - I get family and all but idk how Kawhi saw that championship parade (and that glasses pic) and said ‘Nah’

  6. Working in home construction I firmly believe 1st quarter will be horrible. Puts will for sure print.

  7. I posted about this a while back and was grilled. I was called an idiot...told I didn't understand supply and demand...etc...etc...

  8. That's the same thing that the mango in chief said to do. The Biden admin just found a way to do it by sending everybody free at home tests.

  9. Many many people. A lot of us are just waiting for more inventory and price cuts because that’s what’s containing, once the right house pops out though, I’m buying my second. Higher interest rates means more write offs. And current interest rates aren’t even all that high. If everyone’s waiting for 3% again, good luck and watch what pricing is like if that ever happens again.

  10. Buddy doesnt know how write offs wprk 🤣🤷‍♂️ he thinks its free money he getting back. He belongs here.

  11. What? No. Interest on an investment home is better than paying more in taxes. That’s all I’m saying.

  12. This. Everything’s for sale - you willing to pay the premium though? My 2016 IS350F with white on the outside and red leather seats can be for sale. But OP won’t like my price lol.

  13. Lol. Same car, same spec. Like you said, anything is for sale!!

  14. But you gotta pay the premium. I love it and don’t want to get rid of it, but you offer me enough and I’m going to have to consider it.

  15. Haha God help anyone putting they’re entire worth into their portfolio. Because I have a more limited amount of money to invest, I sometimes have to sell options or stocks to buy others (thus un-diversifying my portfolio) because I can’t just throw in more money. I don’t think that reflects a lack of being financially responsible.

  16. You can’t afford to lose your money if you have less than 25k to trade with.

  17. Guess I’ll be wearing my kyrie jersey for nothing tomorrow night in Portland. Lame.

  18. Why don’t you all ever buy the dip? I’ve traded Disney from 90s to the low 110s multiple times lol

  19. Most of my secure cash is in my FTX account. I forgot my password I'm waiting for customer service to get back to me. I'll use that money to average down.

  20. I have tickets to see the nets in Portland on Thursday. This is bullshit.

  21. A bunch of weird statements globbed together to sell a narrative. Not saying we aren’t in a recession, but these points are not strong. How about the unemployment rate? Evictions and home defaults? Companies filing for bankruptcy? Inflation has got to get under control so I see the car price thing as good and totally necessary.

  22. Every measure you mentioned is a lagging indicator. Unemployment rate may not dip until these employees are officially off the payroll - which may not be until Feb. Evictions are months down the road and home defaults are years down the road.

  23. But once it dips, buy again for the next run up for the next phase of its release. Should be around 7?

  24. How bout they don't lay off 10,000 employees?

  25. A random guy online is going to tell the most successful company what to do 😂😂😂

  26. All of it will come collapsing down, it has limited utility and has zero backing (ie military, economy, wide range of acceptance). Given the selfishness of humans, you really trust peer to peer payments to be a real sustainable ideology? Lol.

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