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  1. You could make a killing on ad revenue for a website just dedicated to VinceWatch at this point stg

  2. YESSSSS!!!! Perfect match, perfect finish, everything the way it should be!!

  3. Is there a context to this that I’m missing or are we literally just posting every wrestler tweet

  4. It's a Snoop song right? Maybe watching Mania. Not sure why that's noteworthy tho

  5. I can't say I like them, but idk. The only difference between them being on the LED and them being on an apron is that they're interchangeable. Could do without the mascot and on screen mid match graphic that popped up tho

  6. Looks like they took it out of the second showing. So at least they caught wind and were able to fix it. Helluva mistake though

  7. Logan Paul batting 100 for me in terms of match quality. That was so damn fun

  8. Nope! Didn't sound right now that you bring it up. It's a thousand? I don't do sports lol

  9. Huh? It's been more than 9 minutes. That banger four way was 9 mins alone

  10. Bonkers!! So many good spots, popped so hard at the meat on meat or Dawkins stopping Braun

  11. I haven't seen anyone get nearly as vile with Cage as they do with Grace. Or Lashley, or even Braun. That's not "white knighting", that's just reality that people overwhelmingly attack her and judge her usage while remaining quiet about others, likely because she's not very well liked here, which is hypocrisy. and honestly I think what did you in downvote wise is the unnecessary "I still don't like the way she looks" which comes across as very bodyshamey. Hell, I don't like steroid abuse either, but I'm not going to attack people for it. Not saying you were, just talking about what she gets

  12. "from a Casanova to the NXT champion" I see you Vic, nice call

  13. Got damn! Extremely happy for Hayes and so well deserved for the championship to be on HIM

  14. Just no DQ. The difference is in kayfabe. The company can't be held liable for any injury unlike a no DQ or No Holds Barred

  15. Definitely seemed to be a botched execution, which of all the times to fuck it up, oof on it being his debut. Could be cool, gonna need to see it done right though

  16. It does read to me like "you" is someone specific. Or at least on a person to person basis and not just outright denying ADHD. I hope that's the case because Helms has seemed to have a good head on his shoulders otherwise.

  17. Great match, great finish. Quite a few spots I've never seen before. Roxanne trying to drag Zoey down with all her weight, Indi lifting the ladder for the double baseball slide then slamming backwards, the neckbreaker catapult. So happy for Indi!!

  18. This is what happens when you don't have a Spelling 101 course at Chase U. Maybe Enzo can teach it now

  19. I think a lot of the black people in the locker room probably weren't particularly happy when she said that the representation that AEW does have is inauthentic.

  20. Whenever racists feel they can be justified in their hatred is when they come out in full force. Big Swole and her family, including her young daughter, were also receiving racism and death threats for that whole situation. Shotzi was treated to racism and death threats for "attacking" Chris Jericho and then for having a less than stellar performance at MitB. And good lord the things some POC heels can get for even just playing a character. It's extremely gross and messed up.

  21. The locker room's silence when Tony publicly humiliated her will always be disgusting.

  22. One of the only ones that spoke up became a meme for it and now gets relentlessly attacked and clowned on as a habitual retiree despite only doing it once

  23. Above all else I hope he's healthy. I definitely want him back, just hope he got the help he needed and it works out in the long term.

  24. Man, just one of those things, totally could have sworn Elizabeth was in there. She definitely deserves to be and I'm surprised she hasn't been. Along with the names mentioned there's of course Cyndi Lauper, which I understand is more complicated, and with more outside talent being put in, I'd love to see Awesome Kong get the recognition. She obviously had a dud of a run in WWE (nobody's fault, just shitty circumstances) but she's so important to women's wrestling as a whole that I feel it would be a good choice.

  25. I wasn't talking about what Khan did. He was actually the good guy for once. And Regal was appearing weekly on television, he wasn't on the sidelines. You can't compare his situation to the ones of those who want to leave a certsin company. He didn't want to leave because he wasn't used, he wanted to leave to work for the competition and he lied to get his release.

  26. When he signed his contract with AEW he knew it wasn't for a backstage position. It was for an onscreen character. Bryan Danielson said so.

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