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  1. When i shit and i need to pee, there is a specific angle that i have to avoid, otherwise the piss will pass underneath the lid and go allover my pants and floor. You sometimes forget about it, but when it happens you curse yourself and your dick

  2. No joke. The entirety of Pinkerton. I had heard Getchoo before and I was like "Man if this is the whole album then I can't stand this!" It was not until I was really struggling with my recent breakup (the first actual, real relationship I'd actually had) that I decided to just listen to the entirety of Pinkerton on an hour long drive. When I tell you after deeply connecting to and enjoying that whole album, around the middle of "Butterfly" I was sobbing on the interstate, I mean I've NEVER cried like that to music. It was such an emotionally stimulating experience. At that point, I only really enjoyed Blue, Green, and White. Now Pinkerton is hands-down my favorite. The raw emotion in that album is unmatched.

  3. I can hear it now. "It's just a theory!"

  4. bros really trying to get that scott reply

  5. how does she look exactly like pam and nothing like pam at the same time

  6. It's cool. They're now one of those bands that some 15 year old kid is always going to find.

  7. yeah when i discovered Nirvana at 13, it literally changed my life forever.

  8. This helped me with the background music for my videos, this has everything he uses.

  9. Correct me if I’m wrong, but a good chunk of this music is public domain correct, meaning if I was making a video and put this music in, I wouldn’t have to worry about copyright?

  10. the main ones are Me for You, Waltzing Flutes, Dramatic Cues (for main channel videos), and Bell Hop. Me for You is typically in the background of these bloopers and Waltzing Flutes always plays whenever it's just Scott and Jerry, i.e. in the therapist's office in Dark Age of Nintendo. Something to note is that Scott keys these down in Audacity. Usually, it's by 1 or 2 steps down (this keying is used interchangeably). My autism is showing, so I'm gonna quit while I'm ahead.

  11. Youre 14(M) in some of your posts and in others you were chilling in Olympia in 1988 🙃

  12. Well now Nirvana's "About a Girl" has me confused

  13. i just watched the whole thing based on these replies and imma be was a fun watch but nothing special at all. The biggest twist in there was when the girl said something about making kids subconsciously interested in fish so that they'd watch Finding Nemo. I'm not gonna tell you not to watch it, because it was pretty cool, but the "twist" that they all advertised was pretty lame and predictable. When he revealed i I was like "oh yeah, i figured that was it." Also idk how y'all started crying bc of it. It wasn't THAT engaging. It was just neat to see his journey and hear from the behind-the-scenes people at Disney speak about their experiences. It was definitely a great nostalgia trip, though.

  14. I've always considered it as such. I mean I've never admonished or felt any hatred or anger towards those afflicted, instead, it's sympathy really. I am, however, very against the glorification of it or the shoving of the LGBTQ agenda down everyone's throats.

  15. "I hate myself and I want to die" or "White boy funk sucks"

  16. Some of y'all have never had the experience of blasting Weekend Song at full volume in your car on the way to work on a Friday.

  17. So I have perfect pitch, and Rude Buster frustrates me so much because it's actually just BARELY sharp. You can't play it perfectly on piano because it's raised up by a few microtones (not very learned in theory but I think that's the term for it)

  18. 11.22.63 had a very interesting concept regarding time travel that I think would be the most accurate form of it, were it to exist.

  19. If you can. Read the book. One of king’s best.

  20. the book was one of the best books I've ever read. Would recommend

  21. Victorious and Sam and Cat for sure................

  22. 'Allentown', but just substitute in the name of wherever you live instead.

  23. might fixate on my friend's mom for that one

  24. Is it high school or college? Makes a big difference

  25. Jeez man way to bring down the mood you asshole

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