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  1. I have some large canopies in my yard which the mower gets fully under without issue. It would be nice if dealers offered a way to test signal ahead of purchase, or maybe some offer a nice refund policy to test that. But I wouldn't throw out the RTK / GPS options as they've been amazing for me.

  2. Sounds to me like it's losing access to communication. I hope someone is able to help you figure this out!

  3. Would have thought the same but the sensors are showing good signal when I check it.

  4. Don’t hit the button and just wait and watch it. Sometimes it can lose satellite signal and it’ll sit for a bit before taking back off. How long it sits will vary depending on how soon it can find satellite signal again. I’ve had it sit for a few seconds and sometimes it seemed closer to a minute. By “satellite” I mean the ones in the sky, not your reference station. If it was your reference station it would likely occur in the same spot each time. The fact that it’s a random location likely means it’s a satellite. Could be a dense cloud moving over and blocking signal or something. Does it make a ticking sound while it’s sitting?

  5. No sounds being made from it. Also, it will do this indefinitely, for hours at least (as long as I've watched it sit). You can check the sensor status and it shows good EPOS and receiver signal while not moving.

  6. Did you ever get the transport paths to work? We installed our new mower last week and have not been able to get the transport paths to work. I make sure to start in the work area and go back towards the dock, but whenever I try to send the mower to the work area based on the transport path it says, "Destination not reachable."

  7. My issue was that my dock was not in a work area. It needs to be in a work area or right next to one such that the docking point is fully inside a work area.

  8. Thanks for the reply. I was able to get one short transport path to a test area to work, but I cannot get any others to work. The dock is in the main work area, but for the life of me, I cannot get other transport paths to work. The dealer has also been trying and has not been able to get any work to either.

  9. Might be helpful to post pictures of your satellite view + work areas if you're willing to.

  10. Does the weather timer feature do this?

  11. Not exactly, it seems to be an option that will adjust mowing frequency based on season and supposedly weather, ie rainfall. But you still have no control over how much that is.

  12. I agree with all of these! One tip, you can do an IFTTT integration to get a lower detailed log, which has been helpful to assess the total time required to mow a work area.

  13. Oh nice! Off-hand do you know of any resource/guide to get the IFTTT integration up and running?

  14. Also experiencing this now. Had it for about a month with notifications to Android phone of any errors, and now suddenly in this last few days no longer getting any notifications.

  15. I could be wrong, but I believe this still requires at least a Bluetooth connection, so you would still need to be near-enough to the mower to control it manually. But still helpful for a lazy Sunday morning if it gets stuck near the house or you want to avoid going out in the rain.

  16. Whipits! Nice. What kinda blacklight do you use?

  17. Friendly PSA that whip-its commonly cause sudden spinal cord injury by rapidly depleting B12 levels in the body. Can be pretty devastating.

  18. What's the prognosis when that happens? Treatment options?

  19. It depends on both the severity of the injury which does have some correlation to the degree of use, and how quickly you get treatment. People who begin to develop injury to the nerves/brain/spine need urgent treatment with B12 injections. The longer those are delayed, the less chance of recovery there may be. Those who do not get treatment quickly often develop permanent disabilities. These injections should be given as soon as possible, ideally within hours if not a day or two of symptoms being noticed. If you have been using semi frequently for weeks or months, you almost certainly have some degree of B12 depletion and it would probably be helpful to get that level checked. B12 is a harmless oral supplement though, so could also just go ahead and take some.

  20. Does the automower know to cut places it hasn't cut before.

  21. I have mine set to run 24/7 now, so I can't say for sure. It definitely resumes where it left off after returning from charging, so it does clearly retain a memory of what it has and hasn't cut. I wish the app would display areas cut / uncut on last job but it does not currently do that.

  22. Thank you, do you feel you’re pushing the limits of it with 2+ acres to mow?

  23. I have a good 2.5 acres with lots of trees + obstacles which probably slows it down, and if it's running 24/7 it can do all of that in a couple days time. So theoretically it could support more, and if you had a very simple area with no obstacles I think it could support a lot more.

  24. For the Out of Work Area error, try reducing your drive past wire setting. It can help. You can also try to change the Lawn type to "Complex", which can be done by keeping the '0' button pressed and then under "Advanced" choose the installation shape. By doing this the mower will behave more conservatively in tight spaces and can avoid the "Out of Work Area" error.

  25. To clarify I have a 450 EPOS model and am not familiar with those settings, are those applicable to the EPOS models?

  26. Ah ok! Those settings are only for wired mowers. If your EPOS is going out of working area, just check if its in the same area(s) all the time . If it is then it’s probably losing GPS signal intermittently (under tree canopies, close to buildings etc) (or) your reference station may not be installed properly (loose). Any shift in reference station (even by centimeters) shifts your entire work area by that much. So if the mower is at the boundary and the reference station keeps moving, you can get those errors.

  27. Edit for accuracy: 450 EPOS does not have the same user interface as the 450x/xh. Just has physical start and stop buttons.

  28. I own a 450 EPOS, it has no interface on the mower and is only mobile app accessible.

  29. X-posting since I lurk here quite a bit and maybe others are interested in automating their lawn work as I was.

  30. I had heard rumors that a repeater would be supported for this year, but I have not heard anything recent on that matter.I originally had one gps unit at gutter height on the back of the house. This covered everything but the swale along the edge of the front of the house. I ended up adding a 2nd one on the front of the house on the garage. I have 2x 550H’s. One covers the front and one covers the back. If I had put one unit at the apex of the house it probably would have covered both with maybe some weak spots close to the house. However, I picked the spots I did because they could be easily accessed. The main roof is 8/12 and climbing that was not much of an option. What I did, was get a speaker stand and mount the gps unit to it.. and move it around until I got the coverage I needed.

  31. Can I ask why you went for the 550 vs 450? Having trouble understanding the differences there.

  32. The real question is how will Moderates see that?

  33. The Hillary email scandal was regarding classified documents, wouldn't this at least be on the same level as that, or else considering he was president at the time?

  34. Paul Weir is audio and music director for HG -

  35. Good. That's how it should be. Screw Federal Government Control. PUSH IT LOCAL.

  36. So you're saying it should be the people's choice?

  37. Representative Republic -- the people elect their representatives. The representatives decide laws. Study Civics.

  38. This was a quip about the ideology behind the OP's statement of how things should be, in the same spirit as theirs.

  39. She's an old gal but so reliable, it's one of her favorite things to do!

  40. A colleague shared this video with me, which was apparently required viewing for staff in their healthcare network. Curious on your thoughts about their techniques against combative/aggravated (presumably unarmed) people in a hospital setting.

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