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  1. Sorry for the late reply. I use tty-clock

  2. curious about why people prefer distros like Artix instead of more mainstream ones like Manjaro or Arch.

  3. Artix is a systemd free distro, and is pretty complete

  4. Since steam is a binary it will install in seconds, but maybe the dependecies could slow down the process.

  5. Debian, linux mint and ubuntu, all are the same

  6. Gentoo is easy, but its consume so much time. I used gentoo for 3 months and loved the experience


  8. just keep "control +" with the terminal focused until everyrhing align up

  9. another reason 9th november is a historical date

  10. you need to Download a 32 driver library.

  11. It happened while installing windows 11

  12. it should ask for this after installation, i couldn't even move the mouse to close it

  13. Its not caused by skeet, but by the p2p voicechat from the lobby.

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