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Chest x-ray of young girl suffering from #1 cause of death in children / adolescents in the U.S.

Staring into the abyss and it's staring right back

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  1. Well. With half the health and stamina they kinda are. But thats fine.

  2. You ever on any NA servers? Id like to watch, if you don't mind.

  3. You can catch me late nights 1-5am est. 40 player lobbies. East coast server generally. Fair warning i normally be higher than a giraffes nutsack so my gameplay and skill can vary.

  4. Thanks I'll see if I can stay up one night! High is the only way to play good sir

  5. An individual neuron is fascinating, but it doesn't write a novel, or discover a scientific theory by itself. You can't infer those things from the structure of a neuron.

  6. When I first saw this story about a year ago, I was mortified and I posted it here and other places done I was more surprised by the lack of public disgust then I was over the actual act. People are 200 lb bags of pure shit

  7. I actually got downvoted for mentioning this on a regular subreddit

  8. Flowing vineyards is certainly more Mediterranean Europe, which is more or less as far as the sultanates got, so I don’t think it’s much of a jump to say tenosia could attack here! These battles are less well known though, but… who knows.

  9. I love that one guy that seemed shell shocked, gets smashed in the face by a giant axe "I guess I will just turn my back on you and walk slowly away, yes this is definitely the best choice, oh have you see the daisies pushing u-"

  10. This is what scares the shit out of me. If people think fake news is bad now, wait till literally everything can be faked with minimal effort

  11. There's going to be a tipping point where we can no longer trust the internet at all. Right now I don't know if you are a bot, but I can assume you probably arnt and you're a stranger so who cares?

  12. "but you wouldn't know them it was on a different server, up in Canada"

  13. Most people play games to have fun and don't unironically think themselves brave and courageous for deciding to play a video game an arbitrary way over others. We're all sitting on our asses with controllers or at keyboards bro, were not actually at Crecy. Lmao.

  14. Exactly! If I spend the whole game chasing down the archers till they quit the game at 0-17 and I find it fun, then who's to say I'm playing wrong?

  15. And on my farm I spread out the cow shit, because when you put it all in one place it stinks, attracts flies and lowers the value of the whole farm!

  16. It must suck to have to drive truck, work on the highways and run a farm just to live somewhere like Kingston while drivers from Brampton can afford condos in the GTA

  17. Damn, that's the smallest, roundest book about 'a penguin having two dads' that I ever did see.

  18. It's almost like you have two groups that can just make funny little entertaining quips at each other while your children are being shot dead.

  19. Dark humour is like food, not everyone gets it.

  20. I'll joke about blending babies all day, at some point you'll recognise when you're being played while your children are murdered

  21. No, they personally thought their analysis of the situation was better than that of their superiors.

  22. LoL...CSIS is alt-right now ? Y'all need to get checked for head trauma

  23. "I don't like their behaviour therefore they must belong to the group I don't like"

  24. The American propaganda machine was really strong and powerful when boomers were growing up.

  25. I think I'd rather have Rambo as my propaganda than todays twitter/reddit etc

  26. Like others have said, imo, should be a 70/30 split in bills but 50/50 in housework.

  27. The persecution of Tibet by China aside.. This is a lot of pressure for an 8 year old boy, he has no real way to choose his own destiny now..

  28. Phones subsidized through carriers are often far cheaper than buying the phone outright. $15/month for two years is $360, is buying the same phone outright less than $360?

  29. But you're missing one step, what plans are you eligible for when buying a phone?

  30. Back in the mid 1990s when I had to commute from Don Mills to Burlington, it would take me 45 minutes just to pass Yonge St on the Gardiner. And then 45 minutes the rest of the way.

  31. When you hear it start poppin, it's time to add some lube

  32. fuck bashar al assad and vladimir putin, i hope we will be able to dance on their graves one day

  33. Yeah the girl would have a much better life under ISIS! Oh wait ...

  34. no matter how hard you push that narrative, the people of syria decide for themselves

  35. Omicron isn't a single serotype (immune recognition), it's actually a ton:

  36. Is the fact we vaccinated during the pandemic likely to have put evolutionary pressure on selecting serotypes that can defeat vaccine protection?

  37. I tell my team that if someone plays engi with me i will play engi and we can win the game and it tends to work. Lo and behold I've won on defense many times tonight. Weird coincidence.

  38. 2x Engi are definitely a force multiplier, but you had what 5 or 6 players with you in that defense? Most of the time it's me and an archer I'm desperately trying to defend that objective with as 10 masons swarm us.

  39. Yes, except if you are the battlemonk, then pray

  40. Does anyone want to know the actual answer?

  41. So what you're saying is that the wealth tax needs to be a blanket reform across all capitalist nations. Any country that refuses needs a little reminding of what Europeans are capable of. I generally dispise war, but I'd sign up for a war on the rich without hesitation.

  42. I already have working helicopters in the game, so an expedition over the rim isn't out of the question...

  43. To be clear, do you mean sex the turtles, or sex the turtles?

  44. Even better, a 10min drive by car could also be fixed with great bike infrastructure so we can build more useable space instead of roads!

  45. If you move the housing out of the city then you can have roads without a problem in the suburbs and make the city itself mostly car free because people would rather use the high speed train for comfort and convenience. It's about finding a solution everyone likes rather than just trying to force one solution on every situation.

  46. I thought Hunter preferred meth while selling access to his daddy

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