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Harry Potter HBO Series Megathread

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  1. Obviously Ignatia Wildsmith "You can’t fucking imagine how inconvenient travel was before I invented Floo powder" Since she want to shove this to everyones faces.

  2. Its HEA like fully HEA and not even bittersweet, it's just happy but written in a most heartwrenching way it left me heavy for days

  3. Ominis Gaunt is my favorite person in the game, itd have to be him

  4. Reading Like Brothers rn bc I noticed your username and seemed to have similar preference in fanfic as mine and boy am I enjoying it rn! Thank you!

  5. I just finished A Year and A Day and cried at the ending of that one too. Hmmm…. Ok. The literal ending of Timeless (epilogue) is much lighter than AYAAD, but the build up to that is heavier because it’s super suspenseful and the writing is absolutely fantastic and pulls your heartstrings. I read timeless about a year ago and I think of it often - the incredible writing, plot, storytelling, the development of their relationship and their characters. It’s like time travelers wife but a true HEA not bittersweet. Does that help? Happy to answer more questions. It’s literally one of my favorites. 😊

  6. This definitely helps me to start reading it, especially bc youve read AYAAD and probably know what the after read feelings that fic gave 😭😭 at least I feel safer now HAHAH i am really not ready for another thing like AYAAD.. BUT THANK U SM! I probably will like itt ❤

  7. Yes! AYAAD - I was NOT expecting that. Maybe that’s why it hit harder? But it was so sweet and yet 😭😭😭

  8. IT WAS LIKE IT WAS OUT OF NOWHERE HONESTLY. Bc the epilogue was "happily ever after" and it was?!?? But like the way it was written was super heart wrenching and it was 3 am and I was sobbing while scrambling to read something fluffy to heal my mind. I was not ready for that. Sorry I am rambling omg but this happened just recently and it still affected me so bad.

  9. theo theo theo theo always, i have a special love in my heart for that boy bc of fanfics

  10. if you dont mind LONGG ramble but very well written,

  11. lol only a very careful and detailed coming of age story, sixth year with Theomione friendship, the horcrux hunt from Hermione eyes, the whole arc with her parents and their memories, the eighth year in which a long enemies to kind of friends arc happens, lots of meaningful Dramione interactions. The confession is way more than lovely after going through so many changes with these characters and feeling the tension sloooowly build for like 40 chapters.

  12. I think this is exactly why I'm so immersed. It's not so densely written as in something need to happen in order for the plot to further, but rather the story is truly a journey of Hermione's life. In medias that are commercially published, they have a set of how a story journey must be (and there is nothing wrong w it). In the case of Detraquee, since it is not a commercial work, the author is allowed to write without the burden of having to stick to some story arc rule and can just lay out the entirety of the characters journey. And they did it so well, we really get to be inside Hermione's head and be fully immersed in her feelings to whatever path she came across. I loved this story so much bc of that. Don't get me started on being fully in my feels when certain good things happens to her bc I truly know what she has been through ugh. I love it so much.

  13. Almost positive I reread that line over 1 million times then died 😭😭😭

  14. That's the thing about well written (VERY WELL WRITTEN) slow burn.. That when it happened, it'll just murder you 😭😭😭

  15. seconding Detraquee...i put off reading it due to the "its a hermione story" aspect and was scared there'd be not much dramione but i was wrong. it is one of the best written fic out there imo, very very very much worth the wait, the payoff is insane i almost threw my phone when we get to the dramione part and the journey of hermione's life is exhilarating

  16. BM/BS for me.... I stopped at the ron walking in part its too toxic for me rip

  17. i love this so much the whole 'wife' 'sister' banter made me laughhh

  18. Remain Nameless is my all time fave and for the WIP Lionheart is reallyyy good

  19. Remain Nameless for me. I made freaking blueberry scones for the first time ever because of it.

  20. I thought I was crazy for this bc I did make blueberry scones bc of it too 😂😂

  21. Remain Nameless!! It really is my favorite I think I have over 44 hours of read on it. It has the right amount of angst and fluff and I absolutely adore Dramione's relationship with their friends in it as well. Especially Draco's almost brotherly bond with Ginny later on.

  22. As much as I think this is a horrible idea, i really hope the children who get casted as the golden trio won't get hated on ...

  23. Oh my god, Détraquée by Hystaracal!! It's a WIP but so worth it! Hermione and Theo are very close friends in this and he's absolutely ridiculously funny and outrageous.

  24. ive been seeing this recommended a lot but the desc said the fic is not being much about i was wondering did the romance came late? and when it came is it..uh fluffly LOL

  25. It's more of a Hermione coming of age story. However, the writing is very compelling even though Draco isn't much in the picture at first. It is very much worth reading with or without the Dramione romance.

  26. Honestly ive only been hearing good things about this fanfic so far and ill give it a go! Thank you so much!

  27. Ah ive been seeing this recommended a lot! But the desc said the dramione coming together is way later, so I was wondering if the current chapter had dramione together yet? 😭 bc i do love me dramione romance

  28. Real talk- this is the slowest burn ever. Like ever. If you’re looking for a story that is mainly Dramione romance, then this isn’t it. If you’re looking for an amazingly well written fic, with some of the best characterizations I’ve read and a truly realistic coming together - this is your fic. As for are they together? At this point yes. But it was a long time coming.

  29. You know what I'll take my chances this sounds amazing HAHAHA thank you!

  30. I don't even know what dramione was or thought they would make a great couple. So my answer to this would just be I love this ship bc of the writers who wrote them!

  31. I think The Gloriana Set might be? I remembered reading it and she didn't glamour her scar and also in this fic she was kind of in her rebel era

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