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  1. Redwood?? I have a redwood guitar. It's beautiful

  2. I second this. Look up the McGill Big 3

  3. I don't get it. Can someone please explain to me how this one works?

  4. Just needs a GCJ icon in the headstock

  5. Has she tried the goddamn grocery store

  6. Yes just hold your breath for 30 min and you'll never have anxiety again

  7. Jumping pull ups. Wtf. I’m 60 and I can do strict bmus. I’ve decided that this is my last ever cf comp. I’ve had over 5 years now of being patronised with lame scales

  8. Really? How did you do at the Games last year??

  9. What about cyclists' rights and freedom?

  10. Similar boat. I've had what seems to be a mass around my epididymis, but it's.... Squishy? And painless. Not in/on testis. Appt with urologist on the 21st. I just want some damn peace of mind

  11. I felt like the inside of my abdominal cavity, on my left side and in the back, got "flicked"

  12. Lol like you could see through the smog by then

  13. They're cool and all, but have you ever watched a fucking tern? They're birds that fly around looking for unsuspecting fish and whatnot. You'll see them hover midair above one and BAM! Dive bomb straight into the water, fish never knew what hit him.

  14. She sent a pic of the wet spot on her office chair after her meeting.

  15. Oh yeah, the rare sighting of Snoop getting high

  16. Thinking of getting a Hyken but this is my primary concern (I'm always fidgeting in my seat, so it probably takes a bit of abuse). If the mesh wears out, will Staples replace the seat? It looks like they do for some parts based on posts in this subreddit, but I'm not sure whether that's considered normal wear and tear

  17. Like you would watch 1 hour of Rick Beato. We all know you watch one click-baitily titled "Beato shorts" and go "Huh, that's pretty cool, but I don't get it" and move on to the next part of your routine.

  18. This sounds fun. I would structure it so it's still DnD, but with elements of swinging involved, rather than having swinging at the core

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