1. I am autistic and I was in the backseat of an Uber on the way to the doctor’s office on Wednesday. I was having a really shit day and was feeling hugely overstimulated, and I almost melted down because the driver wouldn’t stop humming and tapping his fingers on the steering wheel. I didn’t want to be a diva and ask him to stop because it’s his car, but it felt like he was punching me in the brain. Something like this performance on the train would absolutely ruin me.

  2. If someone humming is like punching you in the brain perhaps an Uber isn’t the right choice?

  3. I understand where you’re coming from, but I didn’t have any other choice. I needed to go to the doctor in person, and I can’t drive because of medical issues. It was either take an Uber, get absolutely gouged taking a taxi, or catch the bus and deal with dozens of people humming and chatting and playing music instead of just one.

  4. Your mother’s ass is so hairy, it looks like Don King is about to pop out and yell “ONLY IN AMERICA”

  5. I think I’ve been watching too much Criminal Minds because I was absolutely sure OOP’s husband was secretly murdering people.

  6. I am often reminded that I might think I know what’s happening, but I am very wrong 🤣 damn you autism!!!

  7. I like to use a phrase to explain my sometimes odd behaviour or lack of social graces: “‘Tis the ‘tism!”. I am often embarrassingly oblivious to what’s going on right in front of me, and have a completely different understanding of it than what is happening in reality 😂

  8. Not too unpopular because I feel the same way. I’m just finishing a very hierarchical relationship with my ex husband and getting back into the dating pool as a solo polyamorous person and LOVING it. I don’t want anyone in my life who’ll become dependent on me for their happiness, so hearing about other partners makes me exceptionally relieved.

  9. Hello, fellow solo polyam Queen/King! I am in a very similar boat to you. I was with my ex for eight years, in a very toxic, monogamous (and thus inherently hierarchical) relationship. We broke up in 2018, and I was single for five years while I worked on getting my shit together. I started dating again six months ago, and recently decided that solo polyamory is where I fit. My partner is married with two kids, and it always makes me so happy to hang out with him, his wife (obviously, she knows what I am to him) and their children, and see how much they all love each other. I adore him, but I never wanted kids, so it’s incredible to know that he and his beautiful wife have fulfilled that need together. And it’s a great comfort to know that he has other people in his life who can give him what he needs when I don’t have capacity (I have autism and ADHD, and require a lot of independence when I’m feeling burnt out or overwhelmed). I am my own primary partner, so I love hearing all about what he gets up to with his wife and other partners—it gives me peace of mind that I still have space to tend to my own needs, first and foremost.

  10. Fellow autistic here (I’m assuming by your name) and I had this exact interaction with my old boss for well over six months before I finally figured out she didn’t actually care how I was

  11. I remember joking with a metamour one time "Hey, I fucked your wife", and without even skipping a beat, he immediately responded, "Yeah? Well I fucked your girlfriend."

  12. People are wired funny. I know women and men who have extracted themselves from super abusive toxic relationships, gotten together with people who loved and supported them and then either gone back to their original abusive partner or found someone of the same archetype. I’ve had women I know tell me “I need someone that puts me in my place”, I know men that have told me that their safe healthy relationship was boring. We’re weird animals addicted to chemicals that our brains produce.

  13. A girl I know had a VERY public break-up with her ex-fiancé. I’m talking live-streaming while she burnt his shit and talked about how he was abusive and controlling and she was so happy that she was single now. Yesterday, I saw on her Facebook profile page that they are in a relationship again. It’s confusing. I don’t understand why either of them would take the other back.

  14. Friend, I would send a stellar nude to the Sunday paper if I could. You’re damn right all my partners are gonna see it.

  15. Slept with an Irish guy that I met on Bumble. He had a dick the width of a Coke can, and it was long. It was the worst sex I’ve ever had. Zero foreplay, and he spent the whole time hammering away while he stared at it going in. He had obviously watched way too much porn and just assumed that he didn’t need to put any effort in because he was large below the belt. He asked if we could try anal, I said yes but you need to stop if it hurts too much because I’ve never received a penis this large before, I told him to stop and he asked if he could cum first. Because I’m an idiot, I fucked him again, and afterwards I realised he hadn’t worn a condom. Without even asking.

  16. This is breaking news... Alert Jackie Denardo .... So we can stare at her enormous jugs


  18. For some reason this moment had me howling and crying from laughter. No other part of the series had me react as strongly as this despite how hilariously funny the show is. I don’t know why this moment is the moment that sent me careening over the edge, but it will always be my favor Sunny moment.

  19. For me, I have two of these moments: Dee in The Gang Beats Boggs when she chugs the ice cold beer and burps out “OUCH”, and Frank in The Gang Goes To the Waterpark when he screams “IT BURNS IT BURNS IT BURNS” as he goes down the waterslide

  20. I’d just like to chime in and say that I also LOVE hugs. I could hug all day.

  21. I recently spent a month in Bali, and the only time I got an upset stomach was when I drank the water from a drinking fountain at the airport back in Australia. Most places where I stayed had filtered water available, or you can buy bottled water extremely cheap at any Mini-Mart or Pepito Market. You’re gonna have a great time, and if you do get sick, there are plenty of pharmacies around!

  22. In the early 2000s, Nick Carter from the Backstreet Boys and I met through MySpace. We did go on to meet and hang out in person a few times.

  23. The second time you guys met up, did he say “oh, my God, we’re back again”?

  24. I’m from Aus and bought an eSim via the app Nomad. It was relatively inexpensive and worked perfectly. The only issue I had was I had to get a replacement SIM card when I got back to Australia because for some reason it wouldn’t switch back over. You probably won’t need as much data as you think, either, because most places have Wi-Fi!

  25. How has nobody said Nadja and Laszlo from What We Do in the Shadows?

  26. I know, and Joey knows, but Ross doesn’t know, so you HAVE TO STOP SCREAMING!!!

  27. "I'm Perd Hapley and I just realized, I'm not holding my microphone" gets my vote, but it not as funny out of context to the scene.

  28. Haha damn that’s hot as fuck! Yeah I say you can’t put the genie back at this point! Is the orgasm a lot more intense when you squirt? Is it just a bit or did you flood the inside of his car? 😂

  29. I feel like I was kind of fearful of letting go before I did it because it felt like I was going to pee, but now I know that I can do it, there’s no stopping 😂 it’s definitely intense, but in a different way than a clitoral orgasm. It’s hard to describe, but with a clitoral orgasm, it feels like the pleasure starts in the pit of your belly and slowly spreads out until you cum and it rolls out between your legs, but with the G-spot orgasm, it felt like there was this pressure in one specific spot inside my vagina that just kept getting more and more intense and focussed until I squirted, and all of a sudden I felt this insane sense of relief, like all the tension had just sprayed out of me. I didn’t flood the car, but it was a fair amount 😂

  30. Fuck that’s such a vivid and perfect description oh how your orgasm feels. Honestly how your g spot one feels is how it kind of feels when my prostate is stimulated and your first time squirting is how I was when a came hands free from being pegged 🥵 definitely can’t put that Genie back either 😂

  31. Pegging somebody is next on my list, thanks for the insight! 😊

  32. Australians don’t do that. It’s other cultures playing it up

  33. You’re telling me you’ve never fucked with a tourist by warning them about dropbears?

  34. Funny story. A woman I know was at a business meeting, and when it ended, she said to her colleagues, "Thank goodness! I have to go drop the kids off at the pool." Well, she really did have kids who had to go to swim lessons. But she had no idea about the double meaning until her colleague told her about it later. She was mortified.

  35. Ironically, my brother-in-law refers to defecating as having a Business Meeting (BM = bowel movement).

  36. Thank you! Please let me know if you have any success with it!

  37. Irish. I have fucked two Irish guys this year and I’m not gonna lie, the accent was a determining factor.

  38. My bestie, who also has ADHD (and is probably going to read this), and I have always had a check in policy with each other, because our parents sure as heck didn't have any idea where we were or what we were up to. 36 years after meeting (!!) and we still let each other know where we'll be and when we should be home any time we are meeting a new or new-ish partner - and make sure they have pics and links to social media and all that good stuff that besties should have anyhow.

  39. Same! Any time I go to meet a hookup or date, I drop a pin/share my location with my best friend, and tell them the person’s name, share a photo from their Tinder/Bumble profile, and state where I’ll be meeting them and what to do if I don’t check in by a certain time. It may seem like overkill to some, but it has kept me safe thus far.

  40. OP, I suffer from a myriad of mental health disorders which cause me to have intrusive thoughts that I don't agree with. I was encouraged to write down these thoughts (journal) to help figure them out. I've written some horrible shit. If my husband were to ever find my journal, he'd probably be scared of me. I regularly take the time to destroy the worst of the worst things I've written down, out of fear of ANYONE reading them.

  41. This. I really think OP violated GF’s privacy by not putting the journal down as soon as they realised what it was. I have an anxious attachment style which I am working through in therapy, and I write things in my journal so that I have a way to process and examine my emotions instead of letting my insecurities build up so much that I explode all over the person I’m attached to. I would be deeply ashamed if anybody were to read what I have written without my explicit consent, and even more so if I knew that they were judging me for what they read without having any kind of understanding as to why I wrote it.

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