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Semi truck emergency brakes react amazingly quick

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  1. Except for the whole "leaving the track and gaining an advantage", you're correct.

  2. "I'm sabotaging myself so you can't catch up to me!"

  3. If you treat each show as its own promotion, then they each need a top title.

  4. I may be wrong, but I don’t see your typical Russian driving a truck stylized after dale earnhart jr’s race car.

  5. It's in the one place safe from the Wicked Witch of Kannapolis' lawyers.

  6. That will hopefully never happen because it would mean the closure of most schools and a massive brain drain plus extreme economic/social consequences for decades. Think about what would happen if we started producing half as many doctors when we’re already experiencing the beginning of an accelerating shortage. The US is currently a combined service and technology economy, which isn’t something that can change over the course of a few years. At the end of the day, tax payers voted for Obama and it was his big brain idea to send everyone to college and nationalize student loans. We all pay the price of our collective decisions in a democracy.

  7. If anything, it'd end up wrecking the smaller schools, while the big schools with multiple campuses could probably survive.

  8. All these gimmicks, I thought Dreamer was another guy just dressed up as him for a second.

  9. Terry Funk dressed as Tommy Dreamer dressed as Terry Funk.

  10. Ok but who else would like to see a high banked track and field event?

  11. That's basically indoor cycling in a nutshell, like a tiny Bristol.

  12. It's a smidge over a quarter mile, if you lose the brakes you're either eating the wall on the stadium side, or you're flying into the parking lot.

  13. Having the Penske sponsors on the nose is cursed as heck.

  14. The sign also caught fire after Brock won. It was a very bad sign.

  15. There's this weird section of reddit that abhors random letters, I guess this one vectored off into hating Vees.

  16. Why is KO wearing jeans? He looks way better in shorts

  17. His leg is probably heavily taped or braced up.

  18. This is how you get stuck watching Bleach or One Piece for a month.

  19. What most of the super high irating drivers do is have a Smurf account and even the Smurf account is usually over 3K. They do the whole grind it out and be super safe with their 6K Plus irating accounts, and then race super aggressive in the 3K accounts.

  20. Or the smurf account is used to race in other series.

  21. All fun and games until one of them gets hijacked in the field. There are already countermeasures being deployed in Ukraine to disable air drones, not a big logic leap to conclude what turning a live drone already in use could do.

  22. With what purpose? Cody hasn’t interacted with the Bloodline at all, there’s no heat there.

  23. On paper, the Bloodline would want to take someone out to get the man advantage back. Realistically this ends up being Ridge, or Kevin Owens if he's not cleared to wrestle. Drew, Sheamus, and Butch are not viable selections. As Drew has already feuded with Roman, Sheamus is probably next in line at the Rumble, and Butch is the WarGames vet so you'll want him as one of the match callers.

  24. The models can't keep getting away with this!

  25. Lol when was the last time you watched a race at Texas? The vast majority of the races at Fontana and Michigan were not. Our only fatality at either was during a non-pack race. Cut the crap and just go back to F1 where you came from.

  26. I haven't seen reading comprehension that wrong in a long time.

  27. Having listened to Corbin's new theme for a few days, I'm pretty sure if he gets a WrestleMania match this year, he'll have an Elvis impersonator singing that song.

  28. No rental company wants people driving their cars like a maniac. Their insurance rates would go through the roof

  29. Unless they're the Hertz Camaros that wind up going from the lot, to the drag strip and back.

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