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  1. Would you say a 280mm radiator is enough? Or should i go for a 360

  2. yea i don’t last long so i gotta go fast!

  3. my weirdest fantasy? probably building the millennium falcon with her during school recess

  4. What does this mean? my headset did break but i thought it would just use my laptop mic instead

  5. just means no input source detected, at least that’s from my personal experience

  6. only game i can think of on the spot is flicker, but i dont remember if it brings everyone to a room to vote

  7. Say you're driving a car and there's a curve ahead. You cant go straight ahead or youll hot the guardrail. You turn the wheel to stay on the road. But you can't turn it too far or you'll crash.

  8. makes a lot more sense now, thank you

  9. hol up, how does it “sound better” if I’m saying it over text?

  10. i’m gonna have to agree with them on this, i ain’t got no life either 💀

  11. oh yea i remember that, been a while damn

  12. they do have "badge rewards" for og glad users, commando and orignal hw (assuming it comes back)

  13. they forgot about this sub like they forgot about their tiktok lmao

  14. Well gold scout is single target, so slow at dealing with hordes, sucks at mid game due to low DPS on max level. Then there's G Pyro, which is too expensive to place wave 1, it also doesn't have as good DPS on max level but has the benefit of defence melting.

  15. i beg to differ, golden crook is amazing both early and late, not to mention gold cowboy, as while expensive as balls, holds out all game and gains you money in the process, and so what if gold scout is single target? his range and firerate, especially paired with commander, makes up for it. Also, as someone who has owned and used gladiator since sftoth, i never keep him late game, as i sell them for money for mid-late game towers

  16. I've felt with every "gaming" headset I've bought volume is significant weaker than with non gaming sets. If you want a headset for music id get one specifically for that purpose.

  17. yea i figured, thought i’d ask tho

  18. Try looking at RTings, they give good reviews on headphones and you can probably find one that fits your criteria.

  19. Virtually no one needs the "best" motherboard available for a CPU. They are overkill and are $700+ halo products for hype only, not practicality.

  20. I have a b550, but the lack of a 4.0 slot, built in bt/wifi and only one usb 2.0 header, which is why i can’t have bt on my wifi card(corsair commander core is using it) and I plan on getting a second commander core(getting way better cooling so i need more slots)

  21. i built mine after watching one 40 minute long yt video, i’m a faster learner but yes it’s totally possible!

  22. will play first thing when I get on tomorrow!

  23. I’m not sure where I heard this or how legitimate it is, but apparently if you hook up lie detectors to a tree and then THINK about cutting it down, you will get some sort of stress response.

  24. that idea is way out there but now i’m invested

  25. my build is all corsair too! (except the obvious like gpu, mb and cpu)

  26. you don’t actively pound peanut butter raspberries?

  27. Now this is to play on fustration so people might buy the cowoy and below might get rich

  28. it’s like this with all the new stuff, when i went to claim the purple guy skin for warden and the prime raven for scout they were both in there, and even though i claimed both within a month, i forgot about the box, it’s fucking annoying

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