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  1. Not sure “disrespected” was what you meant to say, but sure.

  2. Not engrish, if you’ve ever met the chicken you’d understand. Also the strange juice is oddly satisfying.


  4. Start with some light foreplay. Tell it it’s been a good magnet. Gently pet it in alignment with its magnetic field. Lean in close and whisper in its ear, “You’ve been working so hard. Your poles are so attractive. What a good little magnet.” Then, resume gentle petting but this time orient your motion perpendicular to its magnetic field, and a minute or two later that should just about do it.

  5. Please make a recipe with instructions and share it with the world.

  6. I have so many questions: What is an updoot? How do you scroll back? Why are the mummies? How is this intensified?

  7. As long as the Android device supports video over USB C it should work, at least support screen mirroring. Also work natively on my iPad mini with USB C.

  8. I've actually tried a lot of different USB-C to HDMI adapters in combination with the specific HDMI to USB-C adapter from your OP, including the Best Buy Insignia adapter, Apple adapter, and two or three other adapters from Amazon. The only one I found where video output works completely independent of power input is the

  9. I wouldn’t because usb as a protocol negotiated power and current needs via the connector. If you did this it would most likely dry as it’s injecting the incorrect amount of power. Idk old just buy the normal adapter tbh. Imo is it really worth it to save some money and by doing so risk your 300 dollar glasses in the process

  10. The adapter that requires power to go over USB-C has a micro usb for power input. The other adapter has an iPhone power input on it to go to the phone. The cable between the two will not get power from either source. The only reason I would create a patch is if the Air requires more than 5V over USB-C; in that case I can use a battery that supports USB-C smart charging. But I doubt PoUSB is required as the adapter Nreal offers doesn’t get power from the IPhone and doesn’t require power from an external source. So it’s just that one adapter with a USB micro on the side to power its internals. If I’m wrong I’m wrong and I’ll figure it out.

  11. Well I guess that depends on what you mean by pricey. Tell me what they are and I’ll think it over.

  12. The display I want to use originally costed me $500 so as long as we’re not going over that for the SBC I’m fine.

  13. It was about two feet deep or more, had two rollout shelves and the door slid into the top. The manager didn’t know the brand but said they were likely $600 a piece. It was designed for offices to keep boxes filled with folders of documents in. The nice thing about having the door up inside it was it was completely out of the way.

  14. In the US. The door is a single solid metal piece that goes into the top. The shelves have a ledge and roll out.

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