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  1. Its wrong that newspapers can't use the word "rape" legally in the UK... if the victim is male. Even a male baby, it still can't be "R"

  2. It's a mosquito special operation actually.

  3. the new uk pepsi formula may be as close as you can get

  4. You should see some of the shit I've posted on this sub over the last few days. Fucking hate it.

  5. I really don’t understand it! I have not heard anyone saying good things about these changes! Everyone I talked to about it agrees these new recipes are gross and they need to stop changing the products we all love! I assume it has to do with production cost, as Pepsi zero cut like have of the caffiene out of the recipe and all of the panax ginseng!


  7. ...and that's exactly the same reason why here in Mexico Coke, Pepsi, Peñafiel (Keurig Dr. Pepper) and Aga added Sucralose to their sodas, here in Mexico the government also imposed a sugar tax on sugary soft drinks and food... but Coke says

  8. "ITs WhAT You WaNt!" - Pepsi, speaking for all of us XD

  9. Ngl. I had some off-brand cola in Italy... Still the best coke I've ever had.

  10. 16GB is the bare minimum. If you're doing anything with rendering or video editing you need more RAM.

  11. Welp. They changed the recipe and now it tastes like fucking aspartame. Hope you're happy.

  12. Windows 11 is an unnecessary complex and computationally-heavy mess of bugs and inconsistencies.

  13. I would, but I checked, and it made me remember that he was the one who kept the saves :(

  14. Speak to his family. Maybe they'll let you copy his save files off his old computer if they still have it.

  15. I'll try that, though I think it would be a matter of getting into his Epic account, as I doubt he had the game installed when he died.

  16. Even if it's uninstalled the save files should still be on the PC. Should be in documents, I believe.

  17. I loved TLOU2. Helped me thought the grief of losing 3 grandparents to covid.

  18. The hammer kinda confuses the image if I'm honest. Love the first image tho.

  19. Not in Europe lol. GDPR would kick their ass.

  20. Someone has been going around injuring all the ducks. We haven't had a good PM in 20 years.

  21. Wtaf. I don't even know where to start with this one. I have NEVER seen this before in over a decade of fixing computers.

  22. Does cause render latency tho. So don't use in competitive games. But then you wouldn't be worried about visuals sooo.

  23. Linus said only a 4090 will do now for 720p max so I went out and bought a 13” 720p monitor with 4090, and threw my 3080 setup in the bin where it belongs.

  24. Still happily running a 1660Super with very little to complain about. Plays Cyberpunk just fine on medium (around 45fps, which is acceptable).

  25. Personally running 32GB 3000MHz Corsair LPX ddr4 atm. But I don't compile/code on my machine. Just gaming and rendering.

  26. Probably a loose/damaged display cable. Potentially an easy fix.

  27. Tbh when i get that far i'll have to use calculators. Would probably be a LOT faster too then freeballing it. As i honestly struggle with all those different production rates. Like do i use 3 or 4 smelters, how many screws etc man so much to think off

  28. I have a schematic drawn on paper for every single item in the game. Fully mapped, balanced with labels of spare supplies. I also have a map of multiple items that can be run together to use up all the items with 100% efficiency. I reckon at least 200h of my play time is me drawing schematics with the game running in the background XD

  29. Oh wow. Well atleast the factory gets good time to just run :)

  30. I usually ceiling mount then use elevators to connect too :).I would actually stack your coal plant if possible. When you upgrade the miner on the coal resource you'll suddenly have 2x the amount of coal. If you lay out the power plant in floors, you can just build another floor and copy the layout each time you upgrade. Saves a lot of time :)

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