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I Hung A Jury (TW-Rape)

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  1. It depends. Some women try to use baby trapping as a means to keep a man involved with them and not just as a paycheck. Hoping the guy stays around for the kid. In my old roommates case, she was getting old and wanted a kid but she wanted the kids father to be a well-off respectable guy. Basically, a high value sperm donor without going through the official process.

  2. That’s true but way less would do it for paycheck reasons

  3. (a) Exactly what things are teenage boys doing during consensual sex that you’re aware of that this boy did not do

  4. My question is why he’s apologising now as opposed to after it happened

  5. My favorite part is that the window did NOT give way... On the first attempt. He slammed himself against the glass twice, and it gave way on the second attempt.

  6. That video makes me nervous. Not saying that Andy Dick didn’t deserve it but anytime someone gets thrown to the floor like that, I cringe. It’s like one centimetre away from him cracking his skill the video going from “haha Andy Dick got manhandled for being a jackass” to “man is being charged for manslaughter for the death of Andy Dick”.

  7. Let me ban shitty advertisers and I’ll give them five stars. Just because I was in the military doesn’t mean I want nonstop ads reminding me of that fact, especially when one of my airman was brutally raped and covered up. The same thing goes for religious ads. Fuck your god. I don’t want to know anything about any of them.

  8. this is my experience. looking back on what could be seen as “love bombing” felt endearing at the time, not alarming.

  9. What’s BlkPillers thoughts on steroids?

  10. Have they established that's okay? You seem to think consent has to be an ask-every-time thing.

  11. If they haven’t expressly and one assumes is it?

  12. Someday when I’m married to a handsome Arab billionaire who works in the Oil industry I will have a pet cheetah. this is the one thing I’ve always wanted. they are the best animals ever

  13. What you doing when he orders your head cutoff cause you looked at the bell boy funny

  14. Caesar once divorced his wife even though he didn't really believe she'd cheated on him just because she could've done

  15. meanwhile he banged cleopatra without any repercussions simply because he can. based chad

  16. I mean his lovechild with Cleopatra was murdered by his adopted son

  17. Lol Edwards watched Creed 3 and thought, I can win a championship belt with cheap shots???

  18. All the kids living in poverty aren’t unwanted children.

  19. Probably one of the most ignorant comments here

  20. Sure… it’s me who’signorant about the purpose of “bride price”

  21. As an African feminist… bride price is generally demanded by the family and not from the woman. And it’s the woman’s family who enjoys most of it because she will be going with her husband anyway. Which is only lending more validity to ops point

  22. And yet nobody blames the father of said fetus for running off without taking responsibility

  23. Lilith will really say “the fact that” and then state everything but a fact

  24. I'm sure it does, but one can easily argue it's his fault for dating a woman in the first place but that would be construed as victim blaming, no?

  25. He dated a woman, proposed to her and was going to marry her and she cheated om him with a man that's pretty much dog shit. As a Red Pill man shouldn't that be a scenario he would have been trying to avoid?

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