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  1. Where did you get that 26B model cuz the intakes are significantly narrower and wings are a different shape

  2. its not ideal but the proportions are there, its the only top down view of an fa26 shape i could find quickly, i bieve it was made in simple planes.

  3. A320 too small Just look at the Windows Either Source is wrong Or A320 Windows as small as Pilots head

  4. wingspan checks out along the f16, and the f16 to t55 scale checks out too based on the irl t50. Using the pilots head un the f45 as reference, it does fit in the A320, The outer windows are its smallest and the top down image skews them so its hard to make a fair comparrison. Cimapring the pilot to the emergency wing doors and a320 engines also checks out.

  5. I Thought so too,m but the more i compare it with other planes, the scale sorta sticks

  6. If youre curious or interested in joining CAW for weekendly OPs and lfg, check out the discord

  7. Hey I’m interested in joining if that’s still a possibility. I noted the invitation link has expired though.

  8. Nice to see a variant of my Tailart is still in use.

  9. That’s yours? Incredible! I can barely design one myself, haha. I try to, but I can’t find any templates for it, and I mess the tail art up. Do you have any templates such as for the F-45A and F/A-26B? I remember seeing a post that shares them but I think it was deleted.

  10. The one on the left was done by me, We did creat a hi vis but steam didnt sync for the pic

  11. The tailart on the left was done by me from scratch, Thyere inspired by real life examples and details requested.

  12. Thereve been alot of good suggestion but this one is the most familiar to me so i feel i mustve got it mixed up with this one.

  13. Well... i keep getting different answers but i've settles on;

  14. Wait, can you fly in this? If so I'm setting up my Oculus asap 😩🥵😻

  15. Nah not exclusive to the black aces. Sadly they never worked out, wierd events at unreasonable times and they closed up the EU side :/

  16. Fancy mee- What? I'm sorry, I don't recognize your username. We've met somewhere before?

  17. Was it near a window at any point? This sounds like a symptom of the lenses being exposed to direct sunlight.

  18. fancy seeing you here, yeah sounds like sundamage, had a similar issue with my first index and had to rma :/

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