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  1. Bro how ypu have so many brawlers unlocked, I only don't have Mandy and Willow, and I have only been playing since Brawlidays 2020

  2. well i had a lot of times where i played on and off

  3. Why is Self Titled here, it doesn't have any singles and I am not counting Johnny Boy EP

  4. Maybe. Their first single was Holding On To You which I don't remember it was for Regional At Best or Vessel

  5. In a rap battle, it can go either way, even if they have a rap battle, it would be so grand that we won't know who is the winner

  6. buzz must be in entertaining, he is clown

  7. Kinda slaps, but isn’t What A Time To Be Radioactive better at everything that HFLT tries to be?

  8. Lol constantly lending money, getting your stuff stolen, and being insulted by the emo if he ever comes out of hiding

  9. But with no hat my hair can flow in the wind but with hat I look really dark. I can't decide hat or no hat.

  10. He is pretty strong, I just don’t really like hiding and stalking.

  11. You'll not like Crow because Crow players only Stalk and annoy players in showdown

  12. guys, this person is still new and you can't expect them to have the opinion of someone who has been playing for years, anyway move dyna to the top right now or i will come to your home with a crowbar and break your ligaments!!!!!!!

  13. Dynamike is the second most gun thrower for me after the update, I just got him to 700 yester in SS

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