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Megathread: Manhattan Grand Jury Votes To Indict Trump

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Ron DeSantis' Board Rages Against Disney World After Legal Humiliation

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  1. these booths are also extremely racist. We landed at phuket airport 3 days ago. the bolt app showed 450baht for our nearby hotel. she was asking for 800. when we showed her this, she asked for iur country(basically trying to be racist)

  2. Bolt cannot pick up at airport and presume you were going Patong at that rate? That's official rate

  3. Grab is actually pretty expensive in Phuket, use Bolt or In Drive, it’s half price compared to Grab almost every time.

  4. Actually, especially for airport pick up during "rush hour" (when many flights coming in) all the apps can get more expensive than the booths. Couple of weeks ago when arrived back from BKK all were above 800 to Patong, which is booth rate

  5. Reagan and his trickle down economics almost singlehandedly destroyed American prosperity. He also eliminated the Fairness Doctrine for balanced news. And idk, like a hundred other things I can't remember until I finish my coffee.

  6. I read a study during the Trump term that people who only watch Right Wing Media are actually less informed than people who don't follow the news.

  7. Work out the 20 year return by investing that 10 million elsewhere. (You will get little if any return on investment in property here unless very lucky)

  8. Do you have to actually handwrite Thai in the test? I can read but I've never bothered to practice writing because it seems like a poor use of time.

  9. What’s wrong with investigations? Presidents are not above the law.

  10. It’s been a gentleman’s agreement for sure, because both sides have benefited. You don’t investigate Bush for Iraq, we don’t investigate Obama for extrajudicial drone strikes.

  11. Were you getting picked up from a hotel? And does that hotel normally have load of taxi guys hanging outside?

  12. The mafia, via the airport management, dont prohibit/stop drivers from drop offs, only pick ups

  13. Thanks. I think one of the biggest issues I have is that my mother is deceased.

  14. Many people have dual thai citizenship, not recognising is not exactly same as outright prohibiting

  15. Yes all ages can go to Tiffany's, same for all the other regular trans shows that I know of around the country, there is nothing particularly sexual/adult about them and thais have no western style hang ups over them. They are cabaret not burlesque

  16. For bike riding they mainly target tourists for breaking bike laws, especially in tourist towns. Its mainly a money making exercise for them

  17. I feel really fucking weird right now. "Capitalism is not a religion" is one of the best things I've ever heard said period, nevermind from Tucker fucking Carlson.

  18. He sounds great, until you realise it's more of the "only moral abortion is my abortion"

  19. Really wonder where getting that figure from, most domestic "tourism" during the holidays is people from Bangkok and other large city's heading home. Hell unless domestic tourism overall was tiny Phuket would not have the capacity to take 40% even if zero foriegners came

  20. No, for two reasons. 1. It refers to current living heirs not all heirs that will ever be born. 2. There is no such person as the King of England. There hasn’t been one since 1702.

  21. My understanding of contract law is fucking none, I am going by what is written "last surviving descendant" it doesn't say currently existing. My conclusion is still correct, if Lilibet lives to 96 like her great grandmother then the contract will be in force for about 120 years.

  22. Na dude. I sit on a government board I was appointed to. It's legit all done out in open. Our emails etc are all public information. It's more likely these morons he appointed weren't reading meeting minutes or looking at the posted agendas. For small time things you really need to care to see it, but it's all out there.

  23. There is out in the open and public information and there is open and public information

  24. Just goes to show what a hack DeSantis is. Anyone with any sense at all would know Disney wasn't going to go quietly. Someone better would have had lawyers camped out at every meeting and reviewing every single filing, ready to throw challenges. As it was the punk was just taking victory laps and not paying attention to his game.

  25. In many areas grab now sucks due to lack of drivers. I have given up on it for food delivery on Phuket between 4 to 8pm

  26. What happend to the bar culture that I used to hear about on the internet? Is the whole thing made up or things just changed?

  27. Yeah that's the impression I got. What about the 14th-15th ?

  28. 14th should be fine except for traffic as water stuff is over, though it is "family day" for lot of thais so tour companys might have staffing issues and if running will be chocker block with people

  29. They had already declared that war years ago, they are just amping up the public rhetoric

  30. Contact New York bar on Bangla road(get better response if any of you are here already to go in person), their band regulars know most of musicians on the island

  31. Thanks for the heads up, will look out for the bottle shops. I suppose it makes sense to avoid the supermarkets if you have a bottle shop around you?

  32. Thanks I’ll look what that time frame is for mexico. This visa requires you to prove that you’ll maintain working remotely in the US, which is why I’m getting confused. Doesn’t that make it legal according to Mexico then? I understand US is a different story, but I’m trying to figure out one piece at a time lol

  33. If you work for a very "law abiding" company, they might not let you work from Mexico unless and until they have a lawyer review the US and Mexican law. However, if that means paying $5000 for a lawyer to figure out if it is OK? Then don't be surprised if they just say, forget it, no Mexico for you.

  34. And of course, once you ask, you definatly cannot do it 'under the radar' if they say no, as they will now be on the look out

  35. No, stop regurgitating the mental health thing again. There are many MANY countries with WAY worse mental health services than the US that don't have this level of GUN violence. The answer is the easy access to guns, and nothing else. "Mental health" is a legitimate problem, that has now become a scapegoat for anything bad that happens in this country as is if nothing else could be the cause.

  36. If you ever think the solution to a large and complicated problem is just one thing to anything big, you are 99% of the time going to be wrong.

  37. Nazism is a pretty specific form of fascism, though. It may be the gold standard but it doesn't apply to all forms of fascism.

  38. It's just a ranking thing. There's no hypocrisy, it's just that some things rank lower than others whenever they come into conflict:

  39. But if Mom and Dad we're siblings and had children together, the children would have the same last name. So anybody thinks that this is incest didn't read closely enough. Mom and Dad are siblings but they are not the parents of both of these children. There is no incest here. That was my point.

  40. They did have same last name, 'Harvey'. Last names tell you nothing really, let me paint you a common scenario

  41. From what I read it was inconclusive. Also I mean columbine and Virginia tech were both during awb. But the fact of the matter is this. You have groups who see this and go ok im fine with this and you have others who aren't then you have another group who don't care one way or another. It's an issue that won't get solved. I think the other issue is that when ppl who own guns hear bout new laws for gun control and compromise its always gun owners doing it but not the other way around

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