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  1. I love how the whole company has agreed that memetic agents are just fractals

  2. my mom is a doctor and when her patients would (inevitably) say "oh that can't be causing my (symptom)! it's all natural!" she says, "so is poison ivy."

  3. Tell her to recite parasite species! Those are all natural, so they can’t be causi- dies

  4. Ok one second. They are located inside of a large salt mine and around that area within upper Michigan

  5. portals only work on moon rock surfaces, so it might not be possible to put it on something transparent

  6. Step One: Look at the flashy lights on router. If they blink very fast, then you're being dos'd.

  7. Thank you so much dude. I was beginning to worry that it's not accessible on Epic Games (got the game for free).

  8. "This one time I DDOSed Cobra Command Mainframe by overloading their RTX with Bleach Code.

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