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Trump confirms the raid !!! Let’s go !!!

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  1. Just wait till we realize we now have a shit ton of IRS agents that are gonna freeze everyones bank account…

  2. Libs don't rehabilitate horrible organizations because they did one thing you like challenge level impossible

  3. Probably a veteran watching the country he put his life on the line for slowly become a banana republic

  4. Did you forget your meds today, or are you really that deep in the cult? 😂😂

  5. Biden is just trying to dig up dirt on a political opponent and/or disqualify Trump. Clear abuse of power, impeach immediately.

  6. Nice, compound nihilism with willful ignorance. Very original. You do realize you can listen to someone without agreeing with them at all? Amazing self ownership. 👏

  7. How much time per day would you say you spend simping for these grifters? 😂😂

  8. Imagine him struggling to drink a glass of water or walk down the slight ramp in lifts? 😂😂

  9. Either they are destroyed, sent to Putin, or will probably go overlooked. I consider the majority of the government to be corrupt.

  10. I wouldn’t be surprised if he sold state secrets to russia and China tbh

  11. What laws were broken specifically and is this where we pretend Obama, George W., Clinton and Bush Sr didn’t commit crimes while in office?

  12. So they want Segregation again?

  13. The issue is that that it seems the FBI can go after political opponents.

  14. You are cheering when they oppress the enemy. What happens when/if the tides inevitably change (yaaaay two-party system!) and it’s your turn under the boot?

  15. Ahh.. you say this but their voters vote like its their favorite sports team and turn out.

  16. Oh sweet summer child, just look at Kansas. Turns out decimating long held constitutionally protected rights gets people to the polls.

  17. I went looking for why they would have voted against this.

  18. So they have no excuses, just another carve out to their big pharma masters

  19. Remember when the NRA was exposed to be nothing more than a russian slush fund? Good times

  20. Stupid publicity stunt - she needs to go away maybe to prison.

  21. Hope you're being sarcastic. This is a prop set so people can "pay respects or pray" for the the january 6 insurrectionists. Its like a play, but worse

  22. It’s always hilarious how the right has this massive victim complex

  23. And just weeks ago they had a CPAC conference in … HUNGARY!

  24. MTG was all about blaming Antifa for the J6 insurrection when it first happened.

  25. Ironically it’s gonna be mostly democrats using these baby drop boxes. That is the ones that aren’t murdered in the womb.

  26. Who's trying? Based on history, if Trump is convicted he'll be pardoned by Biden. This has happened in 100% of cases where a president committed terrible crimes. They're pardoned by the next president.

  27. Agreed. And if it somehow miraculously happens, then the redhats will scream of persecution until we inevitably yeet ourselves into the sun.

  28. Remember when he tried to blame the delivery company and they posted on their twitter that they had not lost any such package. He went on the next day and "clarified" things, leaving them out of it of course, since they were a sponsor.

  29. Def not a sponsor on his hour, the only advertisers he has left are the mypillow crackhead and dick pills

  30. The posting history of that particular commenter is not uplifting. It is very clear that it is their church and religion which has made them ashamed and wanting to suppress their sexuality.

  31. They only control when it’s good bro. When it’s bad it’s a foreign dictators fault. Learn how to democrat bro my god

  32. He said he would sign the MORE act, which the GQP killed in the senate. He’s not a king bruh

  33. Cry some more that Republican bullying is catching up with them.

  34. Most republicans I know are just normal people who don't want to think about politics as much as Reddit. You're never going to have a productive discussion with a group of people if you think it makes sense to call them names.

  35. Most republicans are giddy at the GQP demolishing long held constitutionally protected rights. That makes them monsters.

  36. Alright, do you think it's reasonable someone doing a heroic act that's considered treasonous in one country might have to flee that country to one of their rivals who is even more authoritarian because that country absolutely won't extradite them? And let's be clear here; the US has been aggressive in making sure other potential safe havens for a guy like Snowden haven't been available to him. Is it really weird then, that this dude, who has admittedly incomprehensible political views, might kiss the ass of the government that's shielding him?

  37. Yeah, I would consider it a heroic deed unless you're some authoritarian ultra nationalist that believe your country can do no wrong.

  38. What exactly was heroic? He could have shared his info in much safer ways rather than giving it all to a goddamn putin shill. You should look into what he actually did. Notice how all of greenwald’s stories only talked about capabilities, not what was actually happening.

  39. You children are sitting here proclaiming ur on the right side of history and never do anything wrong and you think he's the one sniffing his own farts? Incredible

  40. Eh... hard disagree. I just got back from Bullet Train, which I'd say on-paper is about as mediocre as The Gray Man (and honestly they both rank as probably the worst things I watched this year), but it just feels like there was more passion and enthusiasm behind it; the actors are having fun, it feels like there was an actual core concept and 'idea' at its heart, and it's at the very least got its own identity.

  41. Man you guys can't find the fun of either of those movies? Sometimes it's okay to turn your brain off and just enjoy the moment.

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