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  1. are you in a country that has lots of things trying to kill you (Australia)? or are you in one where life is simple (USA)? :-) I'm in the latter. I'll initially jump from the unexpected, but a kitten in there would make me jump, too. Then I'd grab someone to show the cute bunch of babies and a good mom. If I lived in Australia, I'd have to know a bit more about the local arachnids before I reached in to move them elsewhere.

  2. This is a huntsman, and they are totally chill and super fast. Provoke them enough and there can be a painful but not dangerous bite, but otherwise they will just hang out on you and enjoy the ride. They can get up to almost 10" in leg span and are great at running along walls.

  3. And for the people who are security conscious and regularly change the name of their home wifi?

  4. This will be ridiculously hard to police because of the many simple security measures that can be taken to bypass it. I can log into my home wifi from the other side of the country

  5. I find it SO interesting that so many people are upset that Netflix has gotten fed up with people stealing from them, and are taking steps to curtail that theft.

  6. What thieves? Its a paid subscription service that can only be viewed from the licenced number of accounts simultaneously. There is no limit to the amount of content viewed, and the service has been paid for that account. So there is no theft if the content is viewed under that subscription. Theft happens when you take possession of something you do not own.

  7. You need to follow me..I just draw dick pics on everything. Here’s a few examples from other posts…get around it, lads

  8. Big fan of your work so far. Taking commissions? I'm about to buy a place and need ideas for my ex's garage.

  9. In Australia that would be the landlords problem, if they can pull their finger out and actually do something. They'll take rent off you but be slow about spending money on their properties.

  10. They purchased the house. This is very much their problem

  11. Inside the cable is multiple wires. If only one of them is actually frayed (which looks to be the case) then just wrap the whole area in electrical tape and you're done. Every wire will be insulated from every other wire and from the outside environment. Calling up an electrician will cost more than it's worth.

  12. This advice is what leads to electrical safety issues and fires. Dont be a muppet and give out advice that you arent qualified and licenced for. This cord is no longer within specification and needs to be replaced.

  13. i would take a person, because you can’t kill 1000 roaches with a shotgun

  14. Please, for the love of god, do not get these if you have children or pets. There is a chance that the child or animal will swallow them, then the magnets attract each other in the intestines, and you can imagine what that leads to.

  15. A bit of a different angle but despite its infamy as a country full of deadly creatures, the deadliest animal in Australia is the horse.

  16. Yeah. People just don't realise The Horse is just one horse who has had enough of everyones shit. Like a ninja in the night, he strikes with the back kick of vengeance, taking out yet another unaware horse farmer or whatever they call themselves

  17. When I was much younger people would just offer me acid while i was at social events. Now, people offer me to try their home brew craft beer. I so very badly want the acid guys back. (I also expect to ignore the several messages I get trying to sell me anything because of this comment)

  18. As someone who has had to deal with glass injuries a fair bit, please wear some glasses and maybe get at least one glove. Not all bottles are forgiving when drilling.

  19. Oh man, thanks for the nostalgia hit. I loved tank wars

  20. Very first thing? Decked out off road bus. Money nerds can look after the money. Im going on an adventure.

  21. As someone grieving a loss, and several drinks deep, theres is lots of truth here. It doesnt matter way which you read

  22. Woke up in a park, in the wrong state, absent from duty and being offered some food from a homeless support group. It was a big weekend.

  23. I got some 30k upvotes on my comment on this very gif. Good memories

  24. This isn't quick, easy, or a 5 minute craft. It is, however, one of the easier ways to waste your own time and money on a public footpath

  25. A knife from a flashlight company... Eh.. it's a rebranded something. I would spend elsewhere

  26. I have a few. They arent made by olight, but by kizer. For the price, they are excellent quality, and their qc is great. I wouldnt say they are a game changer for big ticket collectors, but as usable edc they do very well.

  27. I enter the seed mentioned but dont get the start bonus, am I doing something wrong? Or is this pc only?

  28. I still hope someday to be an interdimensional space dragon. I have wanted it for a long time now.

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