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  1. Question for the men- would you rock these?

  2. I’d still probably go for the green ones but if this was the only color option I’d be fine with it.

  3. My sister was born in 2005 and she’s now old enough to vote

  4. TIL the 90s had no tech, food, chains, or big hotels

  5. A 30 second search reveals it was a marketing campaign and the suit worn, is from his family business so essentially it was an advertisement for himself.

  6. Three people finished in 2012, so there is a precident. Do they even know what unprecedented means?

  7. I like how the dude puts his right foot up on the bench, then ties his left shoe.

  8. Adults consenting to sex is granting consent to the the possibility of parenthood. At a minimum in those cases the whole "I don't consent to my child using my body" argument is flaky.

  9. Consent can also be revoked after it is given. If you’re having sex and say you want it to stop, if your partner keeps going it’s considered rape. If you’re giving blood, and part way through you decide you want to stop, no one can force you to give the rest of it.

  10. I don’t think mine is smart enough to know any language.

  11. What version of Tetris? There are so many it’s hard to say.

  12. Honestly if they gave it a completely different name and didn’t try to relate it to the kinvara, I think people would be more excited for it.

  13. I frequently have customers do the opposite, where they go up a full 1-2 sizes from what they thought they were, but that’s usually because they’d never been properly sized for athletic shoes and it’s not exclusive to Hoka.

  14. Cant wait for AIs to develop countermeasures to this, then they develop counter-countermeasures and it keeps repeating until they forget why they were making these tools in the first place.

  15. They’re blue when running toward you, and red when running away from you

  16. What mattress are you using, and how’s the energy return?

  17. If you want to race on the track semi-regularly, $30 is a good investment, and if you decide you don’t like them it’s not a big deal. They definitely take some getting used to, and your calves/Achilles will probably be sore afterwards. But they certainly feel super light and fast, and maybe give a psychological benefit as well as a physical one.

  18. Hoka Tecton X (v2 coming soon) or Saucony Endorphin Edge if you want an actual plated shoe, otherwise for hard-packed trail any all-terrain shoe or road shoe with good grip will probably be fine.

  19. Looks like he needs a better fitting running vest

  20. never seen a track in your life, yet also never ran longer than a half.

  21. You’re half right. Before high school I’d probably ran more miles on the track than off.

  22. I also think brooks is known for having “boring” running shoes that just get the job done and last a while, so people might just discount their “fun” shoes before they even try them.

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