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The police have released the booking photo of the Colorado Springs MAGA mass shooter domestic terrorist

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  1. Nothing brings a family together like crippling explosive diarrhea.

  2. I would like to commission a pair of these pants so that I too might carry a spear in my pocket

  3. Friend makes a joke : “hope you’re just happy to see me.”

  4. Items are: Zero air driver pro pump. Jbs 24" shifter. Olight javelot pro. Size 12 doc marten in crazy horse leather. Metabo 18v air cooled li-power extreme 2.6AH battery. 6 phones i cant be bothered listing. A cold steel (I think) spear. Work tuff Puzon Wilderness Bowie. An early Wander Tactical (dinosaur name i have fogotten). And my custom chopper made by DanMan blades in QLD Australia.

  5. Easy step to transform your oven into a fancy new storage cabinet.

  6. Really nice knees! It really shows that if you’re a smaller fighter you need more lateral movement and feints to create an opening especially if your taller opponent can use his knees like shorter push kicks.

  7. I would say next time you post a video, try showing off a bit of all your skills both good and bad. That way people can give you better targeted feedback instead of focusing on one thing like being in a corner.

  8. You only post things like this for feedback. It might not happen every minute of the fight, but if it’s happening automatically without him really pressuring you. It’ll turn into a habit. Habits are hard to break in combat sports.

  9. This is very true. And bad habits tend to rear their ugly head at the worst times too especially when you’re beaten up and exhausted.

  10. only thing I could think of is he snapped it and he passed out but I think that's unlikely....I'm as confused as you are

  11. I think that blue shirt didn’t break the guys arm, but red shirt, combined with nearly having his arm broken, was just so exhausted at the end that he couldn’t get back up.

  12. Easy targets. I think people that do this sort of thing don’t care who it is they shoot or whether they “deserve” it. They’re just out for blood.

  13. Yeah. It’s like that guy Darrell Brooks who drove into the parade killing all those people. Apparently he tried to kill his girlfriend before the incident and failed. When he couldn’t find her he then took out his rage on the people at the parade.

  14. He had enough mental awareness to post online, record videos of himself and interact with others in public.

  15. Yes, also some of Chris-Chan’s actions show that he was somewhat manipulative as well. Like the multiple times he would claim needing money to eat or pay utility bills and then spend the money on video games and toys.

  16. Lol he was trying to feed the camera man a gummy. The audacity of people like that lol

  17. Probably a weed gummy bc you’d have to be stoned thinking this would fly

  18. I love how the lady is like “Stop!!! Stop!!!” like they mean to be smashing into each other ruining their vehicles

  19. She’s very lucky she didn’t get hit by one of these vehicles!

  20. Fellow Patriot, fear not for I have upvoted your glorious comment!

  21. Do you believe she’ll pay you back?? Can you trust her in other matters? I only ask because my mother let my grandfather steal my identity when I was your age and it ruined my credit and took my years to sort out the mess.

  22. Stay safe out there! I was reading an article about a man who shot his neighbor raking leaves in his yard just because he thought he was a democrat. Now it seems a significant part of the population in the USA now are associating anything LGBTQ+ with satanic pedo blood cults or something.

  23. It could be a delay in price updates. I know the prices displayed for a Google search does at least for stocks. Seems the Bitcoin one is about 3 mins, though I’m not sure if the iOS one has a delay or not.

  24. Nobody should have sympathy for her. Let’s be real, she only got pregnant with the hope it would help her avoid prison time.

  25. Not to mention all the fake blood tests her company produced for patients and the damage it did to people’s health by producing fake medical results!

  26. I’ve said it many times and I’ll save it again. Sex robots will solves so many issues that the pros outweigh the degeneracy

  27. I kind of get how it happened, but it's definitely sad and messed up. He most likely hasn't had friends in a long time, and possibly never was any good around women. On top of that he's not taking care of himself or his place, that has to be depressing!

  28. Also maybe he had a wife before and they got divorced or something. Maybe he doesn’t like having to deal with women and is building a sex doll to replace them as a result? There are too many unknowns.

  29. No this is not what a horse does to get you off their back. If they want you off they will start bucking like a maniac. A horse that throws itself like this is a horse trying to follow the directions of the rider, but the directions either conflict badly (I want you to move but you cannot go to the left, right, forward or backward) so the only way to move is upwards or the mouth part is bothering him so badly he tries to flee from it, either the thing in his mouth or on his head is hurting or maybe he has a bad tooth or a wound somewhere in his mouth.

  30. Excuse me but tax fraud is a very moral crime if your government is corrupt.

  31. Can someone help me understand why Binance would want to buy Voyager?

  32. Can I just say, I'm incredibly surprised more people haven't talked about how unbelievably ugly this woman is? Like people always joke about someone being a "1/10" but this woman is literally a 1/10, even that fat nerd SBF was at least slightly more attractive.

  33. I personally don’t really care about their looks or enjoy making fun of them physically, however the best joke I’ve found so far is:

  34. Twitter Inc. reportedly informed its employees that all offices will be temporarily closed effective immediately, Platformer Managing Editor Zoe Schiffer wrote on her Twitter account.

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