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  1. I think for me it depends. If my husband is out socially I think the latest he’s been home is 2am. But I’ve been out in Vegas as late as 5 or 6am a time or two with his mom so it just depends. We trust each other. If I’m out alone, I don’t have a reason to be away from him because I love being with my husband so much. :)

  2. I work 2 jobs and total compensation is $170k. I did have a 3rd job as well that brought me up to 258k but I decided to leave that one as it was too micromanaging.

  3. The actress has been working with the organization for 10 years!

  4. Be weary of this. Paddle 133 and 135 are just raising the bids on each item no matter what. Right now 135 holds highest for 4 different items.

  5. I recommend bringing a loving spouse who will be happy to give you a relaxing foot rub. Haha

  6. Have you ever considered writing a money diary (or have you already?) This sounds fascinating.

  7. I have NOT written a money diary because I don’t have any advice or anything positive to give. I’m honestly doing this to climb out of a ton of debt after my husband and I have been in/out of our jobs before this year.

  8. Fuck medical debt and employer-based health insurance. I'm sorry you've had to deal with so much.

  9. That’s one of the best outcomes from working my different jobs. I go through a 3rd party broker now and don’t have to worry about anything like that. It provides me more control and ability now.

  10. The Palazzo: Clean, spacious room, comfortable bed, the giant bathtub was welcoming and there was a Starbucks right downstairs.

  11. I work in accounting and finance. I just started my J3 about a month ago and honestly, I think I could do this for maybe 2 years max. What I find is to diversify the roles as much as possible but you need to be on your game at all times. I create downtime for myself by under promising and over delivering. I still get everything done on time and with plenty of room for revisions if needed but I love the income it provides.

  12. That’s tough. Are any of your js startups ?

  13. No. I wouldn’t risk a start up since they’re really iffy sometimes. I find that the more established one place is, for example, my newest J has been around for more than 50 years, they have everything pretty separated so I don’t get bothered by anyone.

  14. I applaud you on overcoming your fears and gaining the strength and courage to be who you truly are!

  15. Since you got VIP I would say just wear a mask if you test negative and it’ll be okay to avoid the crowds and stand at the back to distance yourself. I don’t have Covid but I’m masking up and staying in the back as much as possible because I generally don’t like crowds myself. I’ll be sitting in the far far back enjoying the music. You can come sit by me if you’d like. :)

  16. Not at all. I think my soulmate is a fucking chicken sandwich that replenishes whenever I eat it. I could live the rest of my life eating the same sandwich and be very happy. Or a really cute puppy that won’t die.

  17. My husband doesn’t and won’t let me. But it’s my favorite thing to give and receive. But since he doesn’t like them, I also don’t get them back. 😔

  18. Damn. And I’m over here with my kids being 15 months apart. I got pregnant with my daughter when my son was 6 months old.

  19. I had a j1 for 1 year when I started J2 this year. Then layoffs at J1 happened and my J2 became my J1.

  20. I kind of have the opposite problem. My husband and I have been married for over 20+ years and I love him. We’re both introverts. He works from home and doesn’t leave the house unless it’s with me. We have mutual friends but neither of us has ‘buddies’. I’m grateful that he’s not out cheating or doing crazy things, but I do wish he had friends to go have a good time with.

  21. I can totally get that. I get time to myself too of course. I spent 2 days in Vegas with my sister in law (his sister lol) and we just spent the day shopping and pampering ourselves and chit chatting. We make sure to give each other some of that alone time we need. I’ve not done a girls night out yet because I am so involved with the kids, and I work 2 jobs remotely right. I don’t have a whole lot of social time, but when I want it, it’s never been an issue. :)

  22. I'm finding it hard to OE in finance. How do you do it?

  23. Honestly, I just explain that I’m not really a go-getter and it’s take it or leave it. It’s worked out pretty well. Plus I contract so the culture doesn’t matter to me. Working on a J3 right now and I pull my reports and do my work last minute so the time stamps are still good.

  24. Hope this isn't a dumb question, but what does "I pull my reports and do my work last minute so the time stamps are still good" mean?

  25. Not a dumb question! So I’m finance/accounting, sometimes you deal with SOX compliance and auditors. When I do my work really quick I have to show some screenshots at times. But, I run the reports knowing nothing will change, fill out the info and save it, and spend some free time and before the deadline hits, I’ll come back and re-run the same reports, check for any changes and then turn them in so it seems like the time stamps are closer to when I actually finish. Auditors don’t care as long as it’s accurate and my co-workers don’t have access to it until much later and they’ve already forgotten about that specific project and will have moved on to the next item.

  26. Between my husband and I, we weigh roughly 550 together. My life changed when I bought a memory foam mattress that is super plush, and an adjustable bed frame. It has a remote that lifts the top up and down and we use that adjusting for watching tv, doing the deed, and holding us up when we work from home. No slats, bed frame holds up to 750 lbs. I’ve loved my bed ever since. PLUS! Nothing squeaks or creaks when we make love. :)

  27. If I am a guest, can I buy them and give them to someone who isn’t like a family member?

  28. The tickets are registered to your name as the guest. If you give them away and they happen to check ID against the ticket, idk what the consequences are. Edit: they go based on the people in your hotel room according to names.

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