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  1. You'll absolutely be able to live on $80k and you'll be able to send your $1000/mo back home with proper budgeting. With all the usual payroll deductions here $80k tends to net you just under $60k in the bank.

  2. My pleasure. Don't let the negative comments or naysayers deter you. Reading most reddit comments you'd think it's literally impossible to live in this city that has millions of people already living here just fine.

  3. Absolutely.. I 100% think it’s doable plus it’s not all about the money, even if it helps sometimes 😋

  4. Having bought something from them 3 months ago and still didn’t get it, not so sure

  5. Every paper is biased. Al Jazeera just happens to be heavily biased against Israel. Knowing that, it's pretty reasonable to go check with other sources to see if Israel maybe had a good reason the same way it makes sense to check WaPo or NYT after the WSJ accuses Nancy Pelosi of doing something heinous.

  6. When there’s a massive disproportionate power between the two parties, there is no ‘good reason’ this is just something to get citizens okay with all the war crime to sleep well and justify unjust deaths

  7. I had the same score and didn’t realize that I lose points with each year I age (I’m 31) so kinda gave up since my score is now 464. Trying to transfer internally

  8. Okay I can’t edit my post and realized your boundaries is what you DONT want in a coach. I’m a coach myself and have loads of coaches around me that I can connect you too. DM me and I can suggest few

  9. I mean, it’s quite obvious. No draws for months create a backlog of people. There has always been 500+ profiles, but with regular draws they were cleared rapidly. If they maintain regular draws scores will eventually (theoretically) come down to the 470s they were before covid. There’s a new bill that may target specific NOCs next year, but who knows how that will work out.

  10. Any suggestions on other ways to increase the score? Right now I got the highest possible score in majority of the categories (I.e experience, education, English IELTS) so I really don’t know what else to do to improve my score ?

  11. Never heard of international Canadian experience program before this is so helpful thank you

  12. That’s great I’ll need to research some of the terminology but it’s already a great direction.

  13. FMV is fair market value (the market value at the time you land in Canada.

  14. Thank you for your insights, this is helpful to understand. I am a trained teacher so curriculum development etc is something I already understand. I also teach Tai Chi and other spiritual practices so opening and closing is pretty natural and I understand why it's necessary. I have worked in my industry for many years and offer consultations and advice for free currently but I am looking for a way to go deeper with certain clients while maintaining structure and boundaries and also being compensated for my time. I am not concerned about my leadership abilities or how to relate to, talk to, and listen to clients so much. I already have to listen for the meta nessage and help customers get to the root of the problem. I do however feel like I want to appeal to some sort of authority or sense of legitimacy, I am just not sure that paying a thousand dollars is the best choice right off the bat. I appreciate your help and taking the time to explain this.

  15. Have you been coached yourself? What I am reading from you is that you would like to use your existing knowledge and skills into a business.. with coaching, you have the skills but not the knowledge (I.. we coaches don’t teach) so I invite you to try it yourself which could point out why these coaching programs cost as much. You could get a 100$ coaching certificate from coursera if it’s about the price tag. I’ve spent over €15k on my coaching and certification, it was a year program. I could’ve used the skills I already have (training, organization development etc) but I realized it’s a different game

  16. A heartbreaking reality check.. thank you for this.. definitely not a place that aligns with my values

  17. I turned 31 last month so now my score is decreasing, at 464.. do I even have a chance ?

  18. Is it the assumption that their loves comes with expectations or conditions? So then to be loved you have to put in hard work or give something in return ?

  19. You might have a point, I think I'm not capable of understanding love without too much strings attached

  20. Do a small experiment, help a stranger with a small act of kindness everyday, and just observe what you feel then?

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